How To Clean Snow Off Sneakers The Right Way

In case you missed the memo, sneakers are totally acceptable winter wear and the perfect shoe choice whether you're trekking through snow or off to a coffee date. The only catch? You'll want to know how to clean snow off sneakers so your feet stay warm and that dang "snow salt" doesn't end up wrecking your shoes. Following a few quick DIY tips, you'll ensure your sneakers last for many winters to come.

My mom was an executive for New Balance shoes when I was growing up and my family wore the sneakers every. Single. Day. Though it's rare for Texas to get snow, it definitely does happen and I used to brave those occasional snow days in my beloved pink and white New Balance tennis shoes. Sadly, since the crazy weather happened so infrequently, no one in my family was particularly knowledgeable when it came to dealing with the snow salt that had crusted over and stained all of our shoes.

My mom called up my winter-marathon-running aunt living in Washington D.C. at the time to learn what the heck to do, and fortunately she had several solutions. Now that I live in Manhattan, I've tested all of them several times and can definitely vouch for their effectiveness.

Good luck out there as the snow starts to come down!

1. Washcloth, Water, And Vinegar

For most all tennis shoes, a combination of equal parts water and white vinegar mixed together and scrubbed over your shoes with a wash cloth is enough to get rid of the snow salt stains. And in case your tennis shoes have leather, note that this is a totally safe option and will work just fine.

2. Undiluted Vinegar On Suede

Amarosa Suede Grand Wing Oxford, $140, Cole Haan

For sneakers with suede, Organic Life advised skipping the water and vinegar solution and reaching for straight undiluted white vinegar and blotting it over the salt stain with a washcloth until it's gone.

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3. Soap And Water

Climaheat Rocket Boost Shoes, $145, Adidas

If your sneakers' rubber base has snow salt stains, Consumerist shared that a simple scrub down with soap and warm water will solve the problem. Since I always run in central park during the winter, this is my favorite go-to strategy to keep my running shoes in shape.

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Images: Maksym Azovtsev/Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands