What Will Radcliffe's 1st Rom-Com Bring?

Why did no one tell me that Daniel Radcliffe's starring in a rom-com? This is very important information. Also, whether or not you've been following it up to this point, it is also important information that the title of said Radcliffe rom-com is being changed from The F Word . Which makes me sad, even though I just became invest in this project five minutes ago, because The F Word totally works as a name.

The film, for those uninitiated, stars Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks, It's Complicated, Happythankyoumoreplease); Radcliffe as a guy stuck in the friendzone, Kazan as the woman of his affection.

It's a concept that wouldn't have us clamoring to the theaters — there's a long history of stories like this drifting far too far into Nice Guy(TM) territory. but remaining platonic with someone you have romantic feelings for is an experience many can relate to, so if they can find a way to tell that story without Radcliffe's character thinking he's somehow entitled to Kazan's character's romantic affections — or, if they do go that direction, actively commenting on the problems with that mode of thinking — then more power to them. The film also generated a lot of positive buzz at TIFF this past year, so that bodes well.

Regardless of plot mechanisms, CBS Films has decided to change the name from The F Word to the more benign (and perhaps more neutered) If You're Lucky, which hopefully won't relegate it to the bins that films like Girl Most Likely (formerly the much-better-titled Imogene) end up in.

Image: CBS Films