6 Other Wi-Fi Passwords About Hillary Clinton The RNC Definitely (Probably) Wished It Could Use

The Republican National Committee pulled off a pretty clever joke on Tuesday, even if you're not so sympathetic to conservative troll-jobs — if a journalist wants to log on to the Wi-Fi connection at the fourth Republican presidential debate tonight, they have to punch in a password to connect first. And wouldn't you know it, the password is a jab at a certain former Secretary of State: "StopHillary." But hey, why stop there? Here are six other Wi-Fi passwords about Hillary Clinton that the RNC could make use of when the next debate rolls around.

It'll be a little more than a month before the next Republican debate happens in Las Vegas (hosted by CNN), so there's more than enough time to brainstorm some new ones if these aren't to their liking. It's not like there's any shortage of ideas, because the laundry list of objections, criticisms, or even outright conspiracy theories about Clinton that could be turned into passwords — you could probably whip up a few dozen about Benghazi alone, and that's before you reach back into the Clinton administration years. Whitewater-related Wi-Fi passwords? Yes please! Here are six examples that might be worth a look.

1. B3ngh4z1

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

A classic, right? It boasts a little alphanumeric strength, and it sends a strong message: what about that Benghazi thing, huh? That was pretty bad. Remember that? Unfortunately, they already missed their ideal moment to roll this one out, which would've been right after her 11-hour day testifying before the House Select Benghazi Committee.

2. HillaryClintonsWorstNightmare

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It only really works if Carly Fiorina gets a bump in the polls, but it was one of the more memorable lines from her brief stint as an up-and-comer: "I am Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare." Frankly, my worst nightmare is any Wi-Fi password that's more than 20 characters, which is why this one would provide solid protection.

3. EvilSidBlumenthal

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Remember former Clinton administration aide Sidney Blumenthal? The Benghazi committee sure did. They questioned Clinton for hours about her emails back and forth to him, trying (and failing) to cast her as less interested in the safety of an ambassador than in chatting with an old friend. For most Americans, however, Sidney Blumenthal is about as relevant as a Microsoft Zune.

4. NoHillzGetBillz

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The perfect password for the party of big business. Really, this about sums up the current mission statement of the Republican Party: destroy Hillary Clinton first, and keeping greasing the wheels for influential billionaires next.

5. HillaryHappyHour

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Hey, who let Lindsey Graham set the Wi-Fi password!? He's not even in the debates anymore, much to everyone's chagrin — he has stated, however, that Clinton is a fun and strong-stomached drinker.

6. OurAggressiveFixationWithHillaryClintonBetraysOurUtterDreadAtHavingToFaceHerInAGeneralElection

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sorry, did that one hit a nerve?