Marco Rubio's Freudian Slip Is Easily The Most Hilarious Moment Of The GOP Debate

During the most recent GOP debate, Marco Rubio made a hilarious Freudian slip. He said: "The most important job any of us will ever do is the job of being a president, because the most important institution in society is the family." Rubio didn't catch his mix-up, and kept on going. It was obvious that he meant to say "parent," as he had already said it once before in the lead-up: "The most important job I'm ever going to have, the most important job anyone in this room will ever have, is the job of being a parent. Not the job of being president or the job of being a senator or the job of being a congressman." Someone has the presidency on their mind. Or maybe he can't really decide which one is the most important job.

The point of Rubio's pro-family statement was that America needs a family-friendly tax code — one that makes childcare more affordable for American parents. He stated that childcare costs more than college in 35 states (although The Huffington Post says that it's actually 33 states and the District of Columbia). Interestingly enough, President Obama made the same point when calling for cheaper childcare in 2014. Who would've thought that Rubio and Obama actually agree on something?

Rubio's slip was perhaps the funniest part of the fourth GOP debate, especially since he didn't even acknowledge it. Which is it, Rubio? Being a parent or president? It seems like his subconscious thinks that it's being president. But who can blame him for the mix-up? He is spending millions of dollars trying to get the most important job in America.

We're onto you, Rubio.