Rand Paul Drops Pen At GOP Debate, So That Was Awkward I Guess

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul — aka Rand "Hey, That Guy's Still In The Race?" Paul — who had a typically decent-but-underwhelming night at the fourth GOP debate, was also having a really good time with his pen. He was wielding it here, there, and in your face ... and then he dropped it. That's right, Rand Paul dropped his pen. And that's probably what disqualifies you from being president now.

Sure, it wasn't exactly Marco Rubio's moment of eternal thirsty shame from the 2013 State of the Union rebuttal, but it wasn't the most graceful move, either. It's doubtful that Paul will be able to come back from this ... but that's only because almost nobody cares whether he comes back in the first place. Seriously, I don't care. Do you care? Well, Twitter cares. You can always count on Twitter to care about the important things in politics, and Rand Paul's pen wielding and subsequent dropping was fodder for plenty of temporary interest.

Poor Rand. The guy might have some horrible politics (weed legalization not included), but this guy can't seem to catch a break. I mean, just Google him — people's first question is about just how short he is. It's not easy being a libertarian pen-wielding butterfinger.

Maybe we can take it easy on the guy? There are much bigger things to be concerned about when it comes to Paul's fitness for president.