All The Miu Miu Lea Seydoux Has Worn For 'Spectre'

Can we take a second to talk about just how wonderfully Lea Seydoux has been wearing Miu Miu for the Spectre press tour? It's been something of a match made in heaven — after all, the French actress has always had amazing style. Plus, her character, the aptly-named Madeleine Swann, is the latest in a long tradition of exceedingly well-dressed Bond girls (or rather, Bond women).

All in all, it makes sense that she's been wearing the brand to such glorious effect: Seydoux has a long history with the brand. She's a spokeswoman for both Prada and Miu Miu (her Wes Anderson-directed fragrance ad for Prada is one of the most adorable things ever), and she's worn a lot of both lines over the years. She's made quite the splash at many a fashion week past (this powder blue leather skirt/rainbow-printed blouse combo was especially memorable), and she's made it a point to frequent the brand on the red carpet; favorite looks over the years include the bejeweled navy gown she wore at the 2014 BAFTAs, as well as the ultra-classy pale blue number she wore at Cannes earlier this year.

Most recently, she's been employing the brand's many fabulous wares to dress herself for her latest press tour. In fact, to date, she's worn Miu Miu eight times for various Spectre-related appearances around the world — so let's take a look at each and every single one!

1. At the Beijing Photocall

If only all dresses were this winsomely retro.

2. At the Mexico City Premiere

This drop-dead-gorgeous siren red gown tops the list as one of Lea's personal bests (and that's saying a lot).

3. At the Mexico City Photocall

It's tough to beat oversized metallic silver collars paired with equally oversized red sequin swallows.

4. At the Paris Premiere


Red carpet glam done right.

5. At the Amsterdam Photocall

Adorably quirky, no? (Also: more birds!).

6. At the Amsterdam Premiere

Here's a fun one — a classic satin ballgown, made ever so slightly (and delightfully) funky with the help of some dandelions and a swallow or two.

7. At the London Photocall

Ooh, she should wear patterned suits more often; she knocked this one out of the park.

8. At the Bond 24 Photocall


Unimpeachably stylish and vintage-esque.

What's your favorite Seydoux x Miu Miu moment from the Spectre press tour? It's tough to choose between the many bird-printed dresses, and the full-on glam numbers...