New Bond Girl Lea Seydoux Is Style Goals

Add that fatal swipe of red lipstick and practice your seductive stare — Spectre hits US theaters today, sports cars, martinis (let us not forget, shaken — not stirred) and all. The latest James Bond thriller marks the return of Daniel Craig, but the femme fatale department has received a fresh facelift. Parisian born-and-bred Lea Seydoux is cinema's newest Bond girl, and she's ready to conquer film fanatics and the fashion public by storm.

With an impressive resume that includes working with the likes of Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, there is no doubt that Seydoux is France's most in-demand export. Meet Madeleine Swann, Seydoux's dangerously alluring character in Spectre. She stuns in silk, exudes seduction, and mixes pearls with a pistol — in other words, Seydoux as Swann is the archetypal Bond girl but re-imagined. The actress tells The Telegraph that Swann is "not really a Bond girl as we can imagine," but instead, "a real character." Sex sells, but female empowerment is a whole different level of beauty.

Speaking in sartorial terms, Bond girls are synonymous with come-hither fashion — leather, lace, bikinis— pieces designed to accentuate the curves with a sensual tease. In the end, nailing the Bond girl look is all about mastering the balance of temptation and style. Dressed to kill has a new meaning in the James Bond universe, and Seydoux isn't the first to do so.

Revisit the seven — or 007 — best fashion moments from former Bond girls and prepare to channel your inner vixen.

1. Honey Ryder (Dr. No)

Honey Ryder: beach babe by day, style icon by night. Also known as the iconic Dr. No bikini, this white two-piece revolutionized fashion history with bikini sales skyrocketing in a time period where conservative styles dominated the scene. Skin over sweaters and knee-length skirts, ladies.

2. Solitaire (Live And Let Die)

Actress Jane Seymour was truly a siren of the screens with her '70s aesthetic meets smoldering temptress. In Live And Let Die, Seymour plays psychic Solitaire, whose wardrobe consists of peasant dresses, heart-stopping necklines, and a heavy dose of chemise.

3. Anya Amasova (The Spy Who Loved Me)

When cleavage meets risque cut-outs, the results are striking. Suddenly, those figure-hugging bodycon dresses aren't looking too racy anymore, huh?

4. Halle Berry (Die Another Day)

This is the moment in cinematic history that has been re-looped in countless GIFs and referenced in every other glossy — Halle Berry's Jinx emerging from the waters like poetry in movement. Her vibrant orange bikini will forever stay immortal in the swimsuit realm.

5. Pussy Galore (Goldfinger)

Seduction doesn't always translate to skin — sometimes, all you need is demure yet voluptuous wrap-style blouse. It's all about amping up silhouette after all. Add perfectly coiffed tresses and you're good to go.

6. Miss Taro (Dr. No)

Before lounging in robes became a Saturday night tradition, Zena Marshall's Miss Taro introduced slinky bed wear in Dr. No. Luxurious silk is the epitome of elegance with a touch of sex appeal.

7. Severine (Skyfall)

Most recently, Severine's jaw-dropping masterpiece made its debut in Skyfall. According to Vogue, the dress required six months to craft and involves sixty-thousand crystals — all applied by hand. Talk about dedication.

Images: Metro-Goldwyn/Columbia Pictures (3), United Artists (4), Giphy