Pamela Love's Jean Designs Are So Pamela Love

Pamela Love's statement-making pieces are the crown jewel in every fashion-lover's jewelry box, and now, fans of her boldly boho aesthetic, can rock denim from the CFDA Award Winning designer. Love's jean line, Pamela Love x RE/DONE, is finally here, and centers, fittingly, around customized vintage Levi's that are perfectly torn and feature embellished waistbands and ankle strips made from Mexican and Guatemalan serape textiles.

Love has already more than proven that she's a team player — she has worked on accessories collections for the likes of Topshop, Opening Ceremony, JCrew, Nine West, and Zac Posen, to name just a few, but this appears to be her first time crossing over to clothing.

And she doesn't stop there; Love works double-duty as model for the collection's lookbook, lending her highly coveted cool-girl style — and that famous toussled mane — to hauntingly beautiful, sun-drenched images of perfect jeans-wearing situations: lying around a backyard, casually leaning against a tree in the afternoon sun, sitting on a motorcycle, and shopping for fruit at a farmer's market.

Each pair is made from a circa-90s pair of Levis, and comes with a disclaimer:

These jeans fit differently than the stretchy, skintight mass-produced skinnies you might be used to. Buy your usual jean size — if they feel tight out of the box, it doesn't mean they are too small, it just means you need to spend a little quality time breaking them in. A few hours of wear is all it'll take to make these your new favorite jeans.

Fair enough. But perfect vintage jeans patched up with Central American textiles don't come cheap, even if they are "pre-loved." Each pair is $375, so, like Pamela Love's jewelry, it's an investment for a style that is often imitated but never perfectly replicated.

Pamela Love Straight Skinny No. 27SS117419PL, $375

Love herself incorporates jeans from the line into her own daily wardrobe, which she describes in a W magazine interview as "RE/DONE jeans, a button down shirt, Acne oxfords, a Stetson hat, and Pamela Love jewelry."

According to the W interview, the designer thinks that comfort is key in a great pair of jeans. She took to the factory back in September to help out, teasing Instagram followers with this picture:

She also shared some close-ups of the beautiful accents on the jeans, like this one of a well-placed patch.

And this one, of a matching waist-band:

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Images: RE/DONE