These Headphones Auto-Mold To Your Ears

The days of frustration and tugging at your ears are over, thanks to Revols' headphones that mold to your ears! These super duper fancy headphones are able to take the shape of YOUR EAR in seconds. That's right. You pop these bad boys into your head holes and watch them expand into every nook and cranny you need them in. Soon, you are on your way to quality sound with your very own customized pair of headphones.

The idea seems like a solid one. They promise to be high quality, fast, custom AND wireless. All things I like. For anyone who is a runner or exercises daily, this invention is a great investment. You can focus on your run, instead of figuring out a way to stuff the wires down your shirt to maximize movement. They even come with little sweat protectors in different colors (if you are the type of person to match your equipment to your outfit).

Right now, the Kickstarter has already raises nearly $400,000. Seeing to the fact they originally asked for 100,000, it seems like interest in the project is pretty huge. I personally do not see myself getting a pair since I am comfortable with my cheap drug store brand ones, but I do see the added benefit of owning Revols for people who are workout buffs. Below are some of the features the product offers!

1. 60 Second Customization Process

The product promises to fit perfectly into your ear, mold to the shape and harden in 60 seconds. Thats pretty impressive.

2. Wireless

Comfortably run without having a wire in your way!

3. Attachable Extended Battery

Fourteen hours of continuos use is nothing to sniff at. I know I appreciated this when my Beats died in the middle of my flight to NYC and I was forced to talk to my seat companion.


You can customize how noise canceling these things can be! I think this is really important for runners in big cities. This way you are aware of your surroundings, but if you are going to bed you can totally bump it up and cancel all the noise you want. Amazing.

Watch their full Kickstarter video below!

Images: YouTube; Pexels