The History Of Bras In Three Minutes Shows Just How Much Things Have Changed — VIDEO

You might think a bra is just a bra — it gets the job done, while being uncomfortable, annoying, and basically your nemesis after a long day. They're pretty basic, so how much have they really evolved over the years? As it turns out, a lot! A new video shows the history of bras in three minutes, according to Marie Claire, and they have definitely come a long way since 1500. Spoiler: They were still just as uncomfortable and irritating back then.

We can't seem to get enough of taking trips back in time to review the past fashion/beauty trends, and the latest video to rewind the clock is one you may not have ever really thought about before: The history of bras. They've definitely switched up their shape, style, and comfort level over the decades, going from extremely painful to totally relaxed but completely un-sexy, and then finding some happy medium in between. And ironically enough, one of the oldest trends actually resurfaced this year, thanks to Kim Kardashian. Need a hint? Think waist training.

Before you get too frustrated with the discomfort of your bra, take a look back at what women in history had to suffer through. I guess we don't have it that bad.

The Roman Empire knew what's up — just wrap some cloth around there and call it a day.

But things jump to painful, REAL quick. And last, like, super long, thanks to the 300-year reign of the corset, which Kim Kardashian brought back this year.

The 1920s bra was actually really pretty, and kind of mid-way between painful and comfy.

You can thank the 1930s for your greatest discomfort: the underwire.

The '60s bra is proof that literally everything was better in that era, bras included.

Then we get the ugly-but-wearable early version of the sports bra.

Hey, all in the name of comfort. Which leads us to the wonderbra.

You can practically see the pain on her face. And then we arrive at 2009:

Which I guess coincided with the rise of sexting?

To see the full history, check out the video:

Images: YouTube