7 Reasons Not To Cover Your Tattoos At Your Wedding — PHOTOS

With mom, Aunt Millie, and your BFF all weighing in on whether you should wear a mermaid dress to your wedding or how crystal-y the table settings should be, even the most personal details of your day will likely come under scrutiny. Whether to cover your tattoo for your wedding is no different, of course. Although Aunt Millie, mom, and the bestie you've planned your wedding with forever probably have your best interest at heart, ultimately each of your nuptial decisions belongs solely to you and your betrothed. Especially when it comes to matters of appearance or your body, like your tattoo(s).

Sure, the last thing some people might want on their blissful day is to potentially encounter eye rolls from family members who aren't ink friendly, or find themselves offending the delicate sensibilities of Gram Gram. If you're not overly attached to your ink, covering up your tattoo might just be the path of least resistance. After all, it's just one day, and you've got the rest of your life with that decorated patch of skin.

However, if your tattoo is a proud part of your personal heritage and resonates on a deep level with who you and/or your significant other are, there are a few reasons why opting to bare your tattoo(s) on your wedding day may be more meaningful in the long run.

1. This Is Your Wedding, Not Theirs

In light of the fact that your partner likely cherishes you and the decisions you've made together above all else, remember to do them and yourself the same honor. Don't get swept up in the opinions of people on the outside of your duo, who may be trying to convince you to cover your tattoo(s) even if you and your betrothed see no problem with their presence.

2. You Spent Good Money On That Ink

The commitment to getting a tattoo, much like the commitment of marriage, goes beyond the emotional and physical. When you opted to get inked, you invested your hard earned money in the creation of your tat — just like you're investing in the celebration of your wedding day.

These choices were more than likely made with a considerable amount of conviction, so be proud of your investments. Enjoy your beautiful ceremony and/or reception, and don't be afraid to equally enjoy the way your personal artwork shows across the canvas of your skin. If it's truly work you love, it's part of what will make you feel lovely and radiant on your wedding day.

3. Tattoos Can Look Stunning With Formal Wear

Speaking of your ink being artwork, the visual contrast between traditional formal wear and tattoos is stunning. There is something so stylized and polished that comes about in photographs of couples who are adorned in beautiful ink, dressed to the nines, and surrounded by picturesque locales.

Don't let anyone try to shame you into thinking your tattoo(s) detract from that scenario. From delicate sleeves echoing the patterns of intricate lace to colorful floral tattoos that are highlighted by bouquets and garlands, your tattoo has a home amidst your formal wear and wedding decor.

4. Your Tattoo Is Part Of You

The way your nose crinkles when you smile. How quickly you jump into song when your favorite artist plays on the radio. There are a million and one unique and absolutely lovable characteristics that make your SO overjoyed just to see you each day, and you know what? That tattoo you spent six months saving up for because it's based off of your very favorite quote is probably one of them.

5. Unconditional Love

While it can be a bit nerve wracking to boldly display your tattoos among family members who might not be on board with body modifications, doing so actually presents everyone involved with an opportunity for growth.

Putting your true, creative self on display on your wedding day, tattoos and all, will give your family members and friends the perfect chance to put aside their perceptions and embrace you with open, loving arms. After all, isn't the day when you're celebrating your unconditional love for your soon-to-be spouse the exact same day your loved ones should be sharing that same unconditional love and excitement with you?

6. Keeping Loved Ones Close

If you're like many of the tattoo enthusiasts who have commemorated the memory of loved ones no longer with them, keeping your tattoo visible could be a hugely significant part of your wedding day. If your ink stands as a tribute to a family member or dear friend, the act of baring that tattoo can symbolize their presence with you on one of the most meaningful days of your life.

7. For Posterity's Sake

When you're 82, looking back on the incredible memories you and your spouse have shared (and potentially showing off your wedding album to your grandchildren), don't you want the photographs of your wedding to showcase the multifaceted, beautifully vibrant person you truly are? If tattoos are part of that package, then stand up tall and let them decorate the pages of your history.

There will probably always be naysayers, looking to convince you to tuck away your ink or cover it with makeup on your wedding day, but in the end, the choice is yours. If you adore your tattoos, wear them like the bold pieces of art they are, and get on with celebrating your love.

Images: Courtesy Mike Allebach Photography