How To Have A 'Teen Titans' Thanksgiving

As the holidays are so close upon us, it's time to reflect on the things that we love about them. For me, that thing is Thanksgiving food. As a longtime Teen Titans fan, regardless of how many years it's been since the show was on air, I know the the gang understand my love for all things edible, because the Teen Titans loved food even more than I do. No matter how many missions were going on, how many times they fought, or how many bad guys were trying to kill them, these heroes always made time to slip a meal in between all the danger and anger and tears. The true mark of a family is in those quiet domestic moments, and at no time were the Titans more domestic (though not exactly quiet) than when they were eating.

Those moments are perfect to learn from when it comes to Thanksgiving, because they can give you tips on how to approach your own meal and family. While the food might be the best part of the holiday, the worst part is the knowledge that there will be a bunch of relatives that you haven't seen in a year crowding in your house and waiting to pinch your cheeks and block your access to all that delicious food. But, when that happens, sit back, relax, and take these tips on how to do the holiday like the Teen Titans. You're guaranteed to come out a hero.

1. Remember That You're There To Eat

So, don't think you have to exchange pleasantries with every person you see before you sneak into the kitchen to start picking at the platters. It's Thanksgiving. It's the kind of holiday that foodies spend all year dreaming of. Reach for that mashed potato bowl and try not to get caught.

2. Breakfast Time Is Anytime

OK, so you totally got caught. But that's OK. Remember that any time between dinner and breakfast is pretty much time you're going to be forced waiting for the food to be ready, so you can fill it with snacks. I suggest breakfast because then you can say that you're not "ruining your dinner," you're just "extending your breakfast."

3. It's OK To Have Favorite Foods

Whether it's the cranberry sauce, the turkey, or the beautiful stuffing, everyone has their Thanksgiving staple favorite. Make sure you camp out on the side of the table where your favorite meal is resting, so you can get first pick at the best cut.

4. But Don't Be Afraid To Try New Things

So, your great-aunt Margery brought some sort of casserole thing that looks like the unholy union of owl droppings and sadness. Don't judge a food by its appearance. It might be the greatest thing you've ever tasted.

6. Compliment The Chef

Or it might be the worst thing you've ever tasted. The important thing is that you smile and thank your great-aunt for bringing it, and then only spit it out where she can't see.

5. Different People Have Different Tastes

There's always that one person in the family who actually likes all the parts of a turkey that everyone else would rather burn in a fire and never think about again. Accept your differences, because it means there are more of the good parts left for you.

7. Be Polite When Serving Guests

The right thing to do is to let your guests serve themselves first before you dig into your meal. I'm not saying you have to do it. I mean, Thanksgiving rules tend to delve into "every person for themselves" territory. I'm just saying it's polite.

8. Enjoy Your Meal As Thoroughly As Possible

CHOW DOWN LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING. Chow down like you're not about to get sick. Chow down like you want to have a food baby. Basically, throw down.

9. Don't Let Anyone Tell You How Much To Eat

Yes, mom, I know I just ate the entire half of this turkey and four bowls of stuffing, but I totally have room for pizza, OK? My body knows what holiday this is.

10. Try Not To Make A Mess

While you're stuffing your face, please try and remember that you are a civilized human being who doesn't chew with his or her mouth open and walk around with stains all over his or her faces. Once again, it's the polite thing to do.

11. Most Importantly, Be Together

When you take your eyes and mind after all the great food laid out before you, remember that you genuinely do like to spend time with your family at this time of year — mostly because you only have to see them at this time of year. Whatever keeps the peace, am I right?

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Rebloggy (11)