Are Jeans Warm Enough For Winter?

Thanks to spending my teen years in sunny SoCal, I always begrudgingly accept that the New York winter is going to force me to bundle up. As December crept up last year, I had to ask all my friends "are jeans warm enough for winter?" and sadly, the answer was a resounding no. This was a serious blow, because I more or less live in denim 24/7. However, thanks to stubborn determination, I've figured out how you can successfully wear jeans on extra snowy cold days without hating your life.

Like most warm weather clothing hacks, the secret is all in layering. With a little creativity, you can definitely stay warm without an issue. And, perhaps this goes without mentioning, but starting with the warmest jeans possible before you start layering will definitely help. Sorry super thin and breezy boyfriend jeans, but you won't cut it this time of year. I recommend reaching for a pair of flannel-lined jeans if you can find them, or denim with wool that's woven directly into the fabric. Both act as extra insulators before you even start layering (on top of the fact that either option is super comfy and basically feels like blankets on your legs).

Rock on and stay warm, fellow denim lovers!

1. HeatTech

HEATTECH Extended Length, $15, Uniqlo

I love everything at Uniqlo, but heattech is definitely my secret weapon for staying warm when I want to wear jeans. They slip on so easily and you'll barely even notice they're there.

2. Long Coat

Handmade' Long Coat, $279, Zara

Opting for an extra long coat means your whole body (legs included!) will stay nice and toasty. I'm drooling over this wool knit version from Zara.

3. Over-The-Knee Boots

Over-The-Knee Twisted Cable Boots, $250, UGG

Another easy way to add an extra layer of warmth over your jeans is by popping on a cozy pair of over-the-knee boots. UGG boots are totally cool again, and this knit cable pair is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

Images: burnyipotok/Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands