Vicki Gunvalson Speaks Out About Brooks Ayers

On Wednesday, Real Housewives of Orange County fans were thrown for a loop when Brooks Ayers admitted to faking medical documents. The reality star confessed in a statement to E! News that some of the paperwork he provided as "proof" of his cancer diagnosis was fabricated. Now, Vicki Gunvalson has commented on Ayers' statement and as RHOC fans probably expect, she is not happy. She told Extra's Mario Lopez, "I'm completely shocked."

What's even more mind-boggling for the OG of the O.C. is the situation surrounding City of Hope, the medical center Ayers previously claimed to have received treatment from. On Tuesday, a rep for City of Hope told E! News that they never treated him or "anyone by the name of 'David Brooks Ayers.'" Gunvalson told Lopez, "I've seen the bills, I went to City of Hope." She added, "He was there all morning so how do you think anything other than he's getting chemo? You go to City of Hope because you have cancer, not because you have nothing else to do during the day."

The reality star also claimed that she has picked him up at the center before and even went inside and waited while he finished receiving his first chemo treatment. To be clear, and as she stated during the RHOC Season 10 reunion, Gunvalson waited in the lobby and never actually watched him get chemo. However, she later added at the reunion, that she saw him "sitting there with the bag."

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During the Extra interview, Gunvalson also claimed that she had nothing to do with what she calls Ayers' "scam". She told Lopez, "My life is so abundant, I didn't need to make a fake story line, and I sure as hell wouldn't make it up about Brooks… As God as my witness, I would never want to make something up like this; it's actually quite sick."

She even went as far to say that "karma" is waiting for him and continued, "I hate him, I hate him with everything in me, and I don't hate people, but I believed him, I trusted him, I defended him, took a bullet for him when people didn't like him."

Gunvalson also issued each of her RHOC co-stars an apology. "I'm embarrassed," she confessed. "I want to tell the girls I'm sorry."

As for the statement Ayers made to E!, it reads as follows:

Words cannot express the deep regret that I have in fabricating documents to "prove" to the world that I, in fact, have cancer. What I did was wrong and inexcusable. I acted alone, without Vicki [Gunvalson]'s knowledge, to produce documents for a reality TV show in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest. I never intended to disclose my actual medical records or details about my private and personal medical history, thus the rationalization of presenting documents that weren't true simply for a "storyline" for the show.

If you want to hear more from Ayers, a previously recorded tell-all with Andy Cohen will air Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.