'Scalp Team 6' Protects Donald Trump's Hair In This Brilliant, Unaired 'Saturday Night Live' Skit — VIDEO

Donald Trump joined right-wing blogger Matt Drudge in claims that Hillary Clinton wears a wig during an interview with a conservative talk radio on Wednesday. Trump asked the host, Mark Levin, if he noticed Clinton's new hairdo, and Levin said it must be a wig. Trump agreed, calling Clinton's hair "massive," according to CNN. Trump's allegations are pretty hilarious given his own trouble in the hair department. But he won't be laughing for too long, thanks to Saturday Night Live. SNL released a skit about Trump's hair, which is under attack in the segment and can only be protected by "Scalp Team 6."

The skit opens at the Pentagon in 2017, a fictional world in which Trump is actually president. The video opens with a military official telling a team of Navy SEALs that Trump is supposed to meet with Vladimir Putin, and the meeting can't encounter any problems. Unfortunately, though, there's already a huge, unpreventable threat looming in the air (literally): wind. Cecily Strong, who plays one of the SEAL team members, says, "Oh my god! Wind? His hair will blow," according to the segment, which SNL posted on YouTube. "It won't just blow," the team's commander says. "It will collapse, like a house of cards, and our country will be a laughing stock."

The teams asks where they come in. Strong, as McCormick, points out, "Yeah, we're Navy SEALs, not Vidal Sassoon," and the team laughs. But their commander quickly points out that the mission is no laughing matter. The commander says he's sending them in where they are needed most: Trump's hair itself. "Prepare to shrink!" he says, and then he shrinks them down with a Honey I Shrunk The Kids type of shrinking gun.

Scalp Team 6 lands on Trump's head in a tiny ship, and the commander orders them to "Take the scalp!" They try to hold the strands, but the wind is too strong. Finally, McCormick tries hairspray, but it's only medium hold.

The winds approach 16 mph, and military personnel tell the commander, "The bangs are gonna go!" But that can't happen, he says, because "the bangs are the best part!"

The mission gets really intense when the team loses two of its soldiers — one to a sharp stray hair and one who accidentally walks off of Trump's head. "We shouldn't be doing this!," McCormick yells. "Man wasn't meant to go on Donald Trump's hair!" Then, a mysterious beast appears.

Trump complains that it's getting really windy and uncomfortable and that no one has seen Putin. So, Taran Killam, who plays one of the remaining SEAL team members, says he must stay behind to detonate a bomb of L.A. Looks hair gel. He tells McCormick that she must leave him behind because she's carrying their unborn child. He had been waiting to tell her.

Trump's hair — and the country's image — has been saved. Putin arrives and says "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Trump. And, by the way, your hair looks fantastic." McCormick flies the ship off of Trump's head and back to safety with the daughter she just found out she was carrying.

Scalp Team 6 saved the day, but would it have been so difficult with Clinton's thick and perfectly coifed do? I don't think so.

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