Listen To Your Partner's Heartbeat With This Tech

Being in a long distance relationship is difficult, you’re separated from the one you love, often in different time zones, and frequently having to watch the House Hunters International marathons alone. Happily, the company Little Riot seeks to ease the pain of distance by pioneering tech that lets you listen to your partner's heartbeat in real time. Their product, called “Pillow Talk,” is a soft fabric wristband that you wear to bed. A sensor in the wristband picks up the wearer’s heartbeat and forwards it via phone app to a small speaker placed under their partner’s pillow. Hard to believe, but this could possibly be even better than a bottle of Merlot to comfort you before bed. The heartbeat can also be listened to through the smartphone directly, so you can just put in those headphones when you need to feel closer to your loved one throughout the day.

This London startup behind the product grew out of its founder Joanna Montgomery’s university project. She too was in a long distance relationship, and used that as inspiration to explore the many ways that technology aids communication. The project has grown over six years, through multiple prototypes, and is now raising money through a Kickstarter to bring the finished commercial product to the greater world. So far, they have raise over 30 percent of their goal, and once completed “Pillow Talk” is set to retail for $89. And with a waiting list of 50,000 customers, it seems absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

To feel your partner's presence it's as simple as putting on the wristband with the sensor and placing the speaker under your pillow.

The soothing rhythmic sound of their heart will have you drifting off to dream land in no time.

Just make sure your beloved isn't at a Spin class while you're trying to catch some ZZs miles away.

Watch the entire video to see "Pillow Talk" in action:

Images: LittleRiot, Kickstarter