Tumblr Instant Messaging Is A Thing Now, And Of Course People Have A Lot To Say About It

First there was the Ask Box. Then, there was Fan Mail. Now, blogging platform Tumblr is adding instant messaging to their site as yet another way to communicate with fellow bloggers. Naturally people have a lot to say about the addition; while it could undoubtedly be useful, not everyone is convinced it's absolutely necessary. I guess we'll just have to wait and see whether Tumblr IMs are embraced with open arms or summarily shunned — but at least we can get a pretty good measure of what people think about it all, thanks to the wonders of social media.

The new feature is similar to Facebook Messenger in that it features threaded, instant communication. However, as Tech Crunch reports, Tumblr instant messaging is not available for everyone yet; the feature is rolling out slowly. However, once it's in full swing, you'll be just a click away from sending a message either on the web or through the Tumblr app on both iOS and Android.

If you are one of the lucky few who has been chosen for the initial rollout, you should see a smiling chat bubble at the top right of your dashboard. If you can't find the bubble right now, though, don't worry — it should pop up there sometime in the next few weeks.

Though this is just one of many ways to communicate on Tumblr, the new instant messaging feature has a few unique elements. First, instant messages can't be anonymous — the recipient will see your Tumblr account (which, really, is a pretty standard feature of most instant messaging programs. You never forget your first AIM screenname). Furthermore, you can control certain aspects of who messages you, such as restricting your messages to come from only blogs you follow.

It would seem Tumblr is attempting to create a more active and engaging experience for its dedicated user base. One can only hope this new feature will help to grow and promote the positive aspects of Tumblr.

As with anything that goes on in the Tumblr-sphere, people have a lot to say about the new feature. Check out what the web is saying below:

Team Yea:

Even people who usually hate on Tumblr are admitting it's pretty cool.

Emoji on anything would make for a better time, honestly.

Team Nay:

Yikes... seems like Tumblr can kiss a few users goodbye.

Many people are concerned that people will use the feature to harass others in real-time. It's a legit concern, and happily, it seems like Tumblr may have considered it before they implemented IMs. Remember that whole thing where you can set it so that only Tumblrs you follow can message you? This effectively lets you control exactly who can get in touch with you via the new feature.

Team IDK:

People are already using Tumblr Messaging for the important things like asking Frank Ocean about his new album.

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