The Woman's Name That Gets Right-Swiped The Most

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet mournfully asked, “What in a name?” Although she basically answered her own question by saying names don't mean all that much, according to the dating app, The Grade, your first name matters online. So, sorry, Juliet, you were wrong, and it’s a real bummer about what happened to you and Romeo.

The Grade did some research on whether or not one’s name could actually determine how many swipes right they’ll get, for both men and women. From over 200 names, The Grade ranked the most and least right swiped names, according to heterosexual men and women. What it found is when it comes to ladies named Tiffany, only 28 percent of guys will give her a right swipe, making it the least favorable of all the women’s names on the list. Not far behind is Meghan, with only 30 percent, and Lisa with only 33 percent. I’m not sure why these names get such a bad rap in men’s brains, but if you happen to have the name of one of the most iconic jewelry stores in the world, it can’t possible be a bad thing. And who doesn’t love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany ’s? Come on, guys!

While others shouldn't judge you for your name, sometimes we can't help but have associations with certain names, which could explain a lot of this. Here at the top 10 women’s name, according to right swipes by guys on The Grade.

10. Katie

With 61 percent of right swipes, tenth on the list is the name Katie. Cute, simple, probably a shortened version of Katherine; you really can’t go wrong with a Katie. Katie is almost mostly likely to be matched to a men named Eddie. Katie and Eddie ― has a nice ring to it.

9. Molly

One of the coolest girls I knew in college was named Molly, so in my mind, Molly is always a great name, and 62 percent of guys on The Grade apparently agree with me by giving women named Molly a right swipe. Molly is also most likely to be matched with Christopher. It’s no Katie and Eddie, but it works.

8. Jenna

Also with a 62 percent right swipe rate are women named Jenna. Women named Jenna are most likely to be matched to guys named Joseph; not Joe, mind you, but Joseph.

7. Natalie

I know so many women named Natalie and they’re all so sweet, but have a delightful dark side, too. With a 63 percent of men swiping right for Natalie, I guess they already know what I know. Natalie is also most likely to matched with Jonathan.

6. April

When it comes to the name April, all I can picture is April from Parks and Rec who was, to be honest, amazing. Not only does April get 63 percent of right swipes, but they’re also most likely to be matched to Tom. April Ludgate and Tom Haverford, anyone?

5. Vanessa

Bringing us into the top five most right-swiped names is Vanessa, at 65 percent. Women named Vanessa are mostly matched with guys named Tyler.

4. Brooke

In fourth place, with 65 percent of men right swiping, are women named Brooke. I have actually never met a Brooke, but according to men, it’s a great name. Brooke and Mike are the most matched names.

3. Lexi

Personally, I feel that Lexi should be at #1, but that’s just me. Lexi sounds like the super cool girl that you wanted to be friends with high school, but she already had so many friends, that you just couldn’t make it into her crowd… so you were forced to hang out with girls named Tiffany. With 67 percent of guys swiping on women named Lexi, I’m clearly not the only one thinking that women named Lexi are awesome. Lexi is also most likely to be matched to Chris, not Christopher, because Christopher belongs to Molly.

2. Erika

In second place of women’s names that get the most right swipe action is Erika, with 69 percent. Yes, Erika with a K; in fact, Erica with C isn’t even on the list. According to The Grade, Erika and Joe are the most matched names.

1. Brianna

The most swiped right name of them all belongs to women named Brianna, with 70 percent of dudes thinking that their true love just might be a woman with this name. However, no matter how many men swipe right on Brianna, women with this name are most matched with guys named Sean. So if your name is Brianna, you can thank your parents for giving you such a hot name. Go ahead; call them right now.

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