7 Totally Awkward One-Night Stand Moments

A recent Adam and Eve survey even found that 70 percent of Americans have admitted to having a one-night stand. And, why not? Having a one-night stand can prove to be a transformative or learning experience for some. Personally, my first ever one-night stand taught me that I’m not exactly cut out for it, and that's totally OK — they're not everyone. In a new short film by filmmaker Jenna Laurenzo, Girl Night Stand captures the experience of one young woman’s first-ever one-night stand with another girl.

As the film perfectly shows, regardless of your sexual orientation, one-night stands are can be awkward AF. “Sexuality aside, the awkwardness of a one-night stand, and all those emotions involved when we first meet someone and realize there might be a connection is universal," the film’s writer, director, and lead, Jenna Laurenzo tells Bustle. "I hope through laughter people see the universality I'm trying to depict within the comedy that spans beyond being a lesbian. I also want people to get to know and love Katie since she's the lead in Lez Bomb too.”

Girl Night Stand was made as a prequel to Laurenzo's upcoming feature film, Lez Bomb – a “multigenerational, family ensemble comedy about a still-closeted girl who brings her unknowing girlfriend home to her unknowing family for Thanksgiving.”

The film features that confusing stage between knowing who you think you are and becoming who you truly are. Katie, the lead, finds herself confused after experiencing her first one-night stand with another woman. A recent University of Essex study of 345 women about their sexual preferences concluded that there is no such thing as a “totally straight” woman. Whether that's true or not is up for debate. But for those in the same boat as Katie, according to Laurenzo, finding your own truth is the key to knowing what you want.

“I dated ‘straight’ women for years — I don't know what ‘straight’ means. That said, my advice would be to take a step back and ask yourself what kind of person you'd like to see yourself with, gender aside,” Laurenzo says. “The fact is, I see my sexuality as a pillar of strength. Having to have come out of the closet is a blessing that forced me to truly ask myself what I wanted. We aren't always forced into such introspection. And having to step into that particular truth has given me the strength to have courage in all areas of life.”

According to Laurenzo, shooting the short was just as awkward as one would think, but also a total blast. Here are seven awkward first one-night stand moments from the short that many of us know to be all too real:

1. When You Quickly Decide That You Are Definitely Going To Slepe With A Stranger That Night

“Don’t over think it.”

2. When You Finally Get To Their Place And You Nervously Ramble On In Attempts To Delay The Inevitable

“What’s your rent like here?” Uhh…what?

3. When You Finally Get To The Bedroom And You Still Won’t Shut Up

“You’re very freckly.”

“I need you to stop talking now.”

4. When Modern Day Inventions Like Bra Hooks Become A Minor Bump In The Road

“What is this attachment? I can’t unhook it.”

5. When You Wake Up The Morning After And Think, “What The Hell Do I Do Now?”

6. When You Try To Ease The Tension After Being Caught Trying To Sneak Out

“Thank you for the shorts…I was just going to let you sleep in.”

7. When You Start To Leave And Question Your Life Decisions But Realize, You Forgot Your Damn Shoes

As Katie says in the film, “Life is a mindf*ck.” Isn’t it?

Check out Girl Night Stand in its entirety below, and be sure to look out for the release of the feature-length film Lez Bomb soon.

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Images: Girl Night Stand