10 Helpful Twitter Lists To Follow During The Democratic Debate For Smart Commentary & Witty Jokes

Watching a presidential debate can be pretty exciting on its own; however, the experience becomes much more entertaining when you follow other people's reactions as well. Not only are tons of hilarious GIFs created as the candidates duke it out on stage, but you can also gauge how the rest of America feels about your favorite's performance. As you gear up for the debate Saturday night, you'll want to get your Twitter feed ready for the big night to avoid any last-minute scrambling. There are lots of Twitter lists to follow during the Democratic debate for live commentary, witty jokes, and speculation about who's winning.

Twitter will be much more involved this time around since it teamed up with CBS for the second Democratic debate in Iowa. The network will display some voters' questions with the hashtag #DemDebate on-air and track which Democrat is winning the debate based on tweets with the hashtag #winning.

Even if you don't want to join in on the conversation, you can use Twitter to your advantage and feel like you're watching the debate along with everyone on your feed. Here are 10 Twitter lists to follow during the debate to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Presidential Candidates

Twitter created a list of every presidential candidate, so you can track what the Republicans think about Hillary Clinton's, Bernie Sanders', and Martin O'Malley's performances Saturday night. I'm sure Donald Trump will have a lot to say.

Political Journalists

Following a list of political journalists, people who have been closely following the election from the beginning, will allow you to see what the media thinks of the debate. Many of them will probably also be fact-checking the candidates as they debate, letting you know instantly if a candidate fibbed.


Along with individual journalists, it would be useful to follow the top newspapers since most will be live-tweeting the debate too. How does The New York Times think Clinton's doing? What does The Washington Post think of Sanders' statement on income equality? Follow this list to find out.


Politically savvy celebrities will definitely tune into the debate, and a Twitter list of celebs allows you to see what they're all saying at once.

The White House

A list of official White House Twitter accounts will highlight what President Obama, Vice President Biden, and their staff think of the issues discussed, though it's unlikely that they'll advocate for a specific candidate.


In the same vein, a list of members of Congress (which must include a few former congressmen) will aggregate every representative's thoughts on the debate into one place. It's never been simpler to compare a senator from Nevada and a congresswoman from Virginia.

Feminist Thinkers

For some feminist commentary on the Democrats' comments, tune into a list of feminist thinkers created by Planned Parenthood. The list includes the Women's Media Center, Feminist Campus, and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

ACLU Experts

If you're a fan of the American Civil Liberties Union's work, you'll definitely want to know what its top experts think of the candidates.

Clinton's Staff

Clinton created a list of her top campaign staffers, which is the perfect way to see how her own team thinks the debate is going for their girl (not that they'll diss her on Twitter). In case you miss anything, they'll be sharing her best moments, too.

Labor Unions

A list of unions and affiliated groups will portray how Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley are doing in the eyes of workers, which will be important since this debate will focus on the economy, wages, and income equality.