15 Black Bean Recipes That Are Surprisingly Unique, Because You Can Do Better Than Plain Burritos

I love good old rice and beans, but when I think about it, there are really so many other unique black bean recipes that we simply don’t explore. They’re healthy, easy to prepare, and delicious, so it’s about time we try out some new ways to use black beans. Seriously — grab a couple cans of ‘em next time you’re at the grocery store, and you’re going to find a tasty use for them.

We love using black beans for homemade burrito recipes, and we know that they can be used to make some easy dip recipes as well. But what might make black beans so great is the fact that they’re so affordable. Stock up on cheap cans, or buy them dry and in bulk to really get on your savings grind. You’re sure to be able to use them to make some super cheap recipes. Think beyond Mexican cuisine, and you’re bound to figure out some new favorite meals — and even some new favorite desserts.

From the best, most addictive hummus to some vegetarian burgers that will keep you satisfied, the options are many. These 15 recipes are sure to get some protein in your diet at a low cost — and you can thank black beans for that!

1. Black Bean Taquitos

If you're craving Mexican food, give the burritos a break and try something different. Naturally Ella's baked taquitos make a great appetizer or main course.

2. Chilled Black Bean, Feta, And Cucumber Salad

Looking for an easy work lunch that won't taste utterly bland? The Kitchn's citrusy black bean salad is here for you.

3. Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

There's likely nothing better than a bowl of creamy soup on a cold day. A Spicy Perspective's slow cooker black bean soup requires minimal prep.

4. Cheese, Black Bean, And Corn-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Avocado Crema

Sweet potatoes can truly be a vessel for greatness, as Averie Cooks proves.

5. Black Bean Salsa

Try out a new snack next game night with Cookie and Kate's colorful bean salad.

6. Black Bean Burgers

Skip the veggie burgers in the freezer aisle. Even meat-lovers can enjoy Oh She Glows' black bean patties.

7. Black Bean Hummus

Mel's Kitchen Cafe's creamy black bean hummus is the topping that we would like to put on just about everything.

8. Taco Lettuce Wraps

Skip the tortillas for a healthier take on taco night, and try out Damn Delicious' bean, rice, and cheese-filled lettuce bowls.

9. Southwestern Baked Eggs

Start your day off with a little spice and plenty of protein with A Beautiful Mess' baked eggs.

10. Black Bean And Heirloom Tomato Quinoa With Lemon Dressing

Coated with a light lemony dressing, The Kitchn's black bean quinoa is just as good hot and as it is cold.

11. Creamy Black Bean Dip

The secret to A Beautiful Mess' perfectly creamy tomato-black bean dip? Cream cheese!

12. Black Bean And Pumpkin Chili

This comforting chili by Mel's Kitchen Cafe is the answer to a chilly winter night.

13. Healthy Cowboy Caviar

Serve this dish as an appetizer or a healthy snack. Cookie and Kate ensures it will be a hit.

14. Black Bean Fudge Pops

Yes, black beans do make a surprisingly tasty frozen treat, as Cara's Cravings proves.

15. Triple Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

A little time in the food processor turns black beans into a creamy base for Joy the Baker's super chocolatey brownies.

For more food ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Naturally Ella; The Kitchn; A Spicy Perspective; Averie Cooks; Cookie and Kate (2); Oh She Glows; Mel’s Kitchen Cafe (2); Damn Delicious; A Beautiful Mess (2); The Kitchn; Cara’s Cravings; Joy the Baker