Katy Perry Vamps It Up In Purple Lipstick & LBD

Fall is always the best time to vamp it up. Cooler weather means dark, matte lipstick reigns supreme and is such a romantic look. Katy Perry went vampy with deep purple lipstick and and LBD. I'm used to seeing the singer and Moschino model match her crazy hair color to her lips, this was a variation of that style move and she looked amazing as always. The rest of Perry's look was more laid back, relatively speaking, since Perry is known for her outrageous, cute, animated, and kitschy ensembles.

She also donned an LBD with colored dots and pleats in the skirt, allowing her major mouth to be the central focus of her look without being too dark or gloomy.

Perry certainly brought the goth to the GO Campaign Gala in California, with her matte lips and her black hair. She rocked a shoulder-length, shiny bob with a deep side part. The singer's purple painted pucker reminded me of her fellow pop singer Lorde, who generally gets her vamp on with a strong, statement lip.

The reason that Perry's stained lip is so mesmerizing is because it is a stark contrast to her icy blue eyes. She's all about that juxtaposition of light and dark above her neck.

Let's see it!

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The dots, for lack of a better word, were sprinkled throughout the fabric and added little pops of color to her dark ensemble. It added some levity and playfulness to the dress, since black is considered a sombre color. Not by me, though! It's all I wear.

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Perry struck a perfect pose in her LBD.

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Those lips, though. The singer kept the rest of her face bare, so none of her other features competed with her strong lips.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Want to do a goth-inspired lip? Alright, let's do this.

First, make sure lips are soft and conditioned with a lip balm prior to applying such bold, rich lipstick. Flaky, matte, and stained lips are unacceptable. Line lips with a dark liner that matches the shade of your lipstick. Below are some similar options for you to mimic Perry's lip hue.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame, which is very Bordeaux-like, will let you conquer this trend. ($22,

Speedball in the same range is more of a true purple. ($22,

Blackmail in the Matte Revolution line will allow you to make a serious commitment to a purple lip. ($22,

Have fun getting the perfect purple lip.

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