Kylie Jenner's Fringe Belt Looks Like A Skirt

Out of all five Kardashian/Jenner gals, I'd say the littlest one is the biggest fashion risk-taker, and her latest look proves it. Kylie Jenner wore a belt-meets-skirt hybrid to date night with boyfriend Tyga in West Hollywood on Thursday, and the strange novelty piece actually looked kind of cool. It's only a matter of time before tweens and fashionistas alike start copying this style — I call it the Kylie effect. Just wait and see.

The 18-year-old donned a fitted black jumpsuit by Australian designer Steven Khalil, complete with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. A basic all-black look is clearly way too tame for Jenner's eccentric style, so she layered the look with a unique fringed belt — actually, unique is quite the understatement. The high-waisted black belt featured thin black leather fringes that went all the way down to her ankles, making it look like a super revealing skirt of some kind.

At first glance I thought the statement piece was pretty strange, and wasn't sure how functional it was. But after taking a closer look, I realized it's meant to be more of a decorative item aimed to bring a little bit of edge to any outfit.

Check out the one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Weirdly, I'm totally digging this.

Fringe Belt, $1500, YVY

Jenner's cool fringe belt is made by a brand called YVY, and is pretty pricey, coming in at around $1,500. Fortunately, there are tons of lookalike options that are way more affordable.

Black Tassel Leather Belt, $61, Miss Selfridge

Long Fringe Skirt Waist Belt, $118, BCBG

Fringe Drama Belt, $50, Eloquii

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Images: Courtesy Brands