You Can Buy A Custom Cookie Cutter Of Your Face

by Dasha Fayvinova

A lifelong dream of mine has been to turn my face into food — which looks like something I can actually do since these cookie cutters of people's faces exist. No more dumb tree-shaped cookies, or even circular ones that have sugar granules on top. I'm breaking free! Now I get to turn my face into a custom cookie cutter and live out a Hannibal-like fantasy with my family and friends. My birthday dinners will look so much more themed, and my gift baskets a lot more personalized. Is it too late to start a blog about it?

It looks like these bad boys where invented in Hungary, which makes so much sense right now I can barely contain myself. A food invention from HUNGARY? That's like having a soap invention come out of Bath, England. Pure, unadulterated, perfection.

This impressed me almost as much as those videos going around of someone making pancake art. The skill that's required is beyond my understanding, but I bet the creator of those pancakes and Etsy shop owner Kriszti Bozzai of Hungary would have a lot to talk about. She uses a 3D printer to create her cookie cutters, which just goes to show you that 3D printing is the greatest invention in the last few decades (besides the Internet). Below are just some of the cookie cutter examples that Bozzai created!

1. Your Own Face Cookie

This is the prime reason to get these. Decorate your face for a book release party, or if you are feeling a little down because your book didn't get published. Either way, these little guys are fun.

2. Best. Gift. Ever.

A custom birthday present that says you care enough to hire a person in Hungary to 3D print something for a friend? Yeah. You win the BEST FRIEND AWARD with out question.

3. Pet Lovers Unite

You might be throwing a puppy-shower and need some doggy treats or goodie bag stuffers. This would do the trick.

4. Valentine's Day

Make a cute couples cookie for Valentines Day. If you guys recently broke up, you can just break the cookie apart and do a themed singles Valentines Day party. Shows you have a sense of humor about it.

If you want to order your very own cookie cutters you can do so here! Enjoy, and make sure to send me all of them because I love cookies.

Images: Etsy/Copypastry