Brave People Try Charcoal Juice So You Don't Have To — VIDEO

Oh, Cosmopolitan. First you were responsible for guiding me through the awkward trials of pubescent sex in your magazine's advice section, and now you've given me the LOLs with this video of people trying charcoal juice. From the faces these test subjects were making, it looks like they were not too happy about it, either. And why would you be?! The bottle is pitch black. It looks to me like they are about to swallow paint or something. As the video progresses we get some amazing pre-drink assumptions and post-drink evaluations.

Charcoal has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Not only did we use it for grilling amazing Russian shish kabobs —I personally used to take activated charcoal tablets for an upset stomach. While I think the tablets worked for me, the benefits of charcoal is highly debated. Scientifically, it's shown to work on poison, but there is little evidence that there is a benefit to drinking charcoal juice to "detox." In fact, many are saying that detoxing is just a marketing ploy that plays off the word toxin. It makes you think that you can suck out toxins from your own body, when in reality there isn't much of an effect.

Will I be running out the door to go and purchase a charcoal juice drink? No. I don't think I would ever spend that much money on juice regardless how many people tell me it works. I've done it with Kombucha, which everyone swore up and down was the greatest drink in the world. It made me gassy and it tasted like beer without the benefit of getting drunk. So I hesitate now. But it doesn't stop me from enjoying other people's reactions. And it shouldn't stop you!

1. Initial Opinions

Four ingredients, one of which is activated charcoal. I can see why you would hesitate.

2. Taste Test


And honestly, that's not the worst juice you can drink. Have you ever tried kale juice??!

3. Surprise!

I'm shocked someone had such a positive reaction. Maybe that's because I'm a picky drinker, but I just couldn't get past the color. I might need some time to mature...

4. There We Go...

The price of this drink alone has me giving this guy a standing ovation. Maybe the finer things in life aren't meant for me... OH, WELL. I'm just going to sit here with my tray of Oreo cookies and munch happily.

Check out the full reaction video below! on YouTube

Images: YouTube