Chrissy Teigen Feels Sexiest While Eating A Burger

I was already convinced that this model was pretty much the greatest person alive, but, man, does she just keep proving me right. Chrissy Teigen feels sexiest eating a burger in bed, according to theOutfit. She obviously isn’t shy about telling it how it really is. And if you ask me, it’s her body positivity that makes her sexy. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who loves herself just the way she is.

During an interview with the publication, Teigen was asked when she feels her best. Her response? “I feel most confident after a red carpet event — when you work with a fantastic stylist and know that your hair and makeup team killed it. Then, you come home and are half-unzipped but you still have that great hair, makeup and your dress on — that's like my ultimate sexy-time feel. It's like that jeans and T-shirt moment but with a gown, in bed, eating hamburgers.” The glitz and the glamour is nice and all, but it’s that late night burger that really makes Teigen feel good because, duh. Hamburgers are delicious.

Those moments when you can let loose, be yourself and, you know, eat a burger are really the ones where we feel great, and I love that Teigen’s able to be honest about that. See nine of her sexiest moments, because she’s at her best when she’s being herself.

1. Baking Diva

Stopping mid-glam sesh to scarf down a baked good? Now, that's my kind of sexy.

2. Couching

Feet propped and food in lap, because food tastes better when you eat it on the couch.

3. All Day Breakfast

All day breakfast in bed will give you all of the sexy feels.

4. Taco Belle

There's nothing like a little Taco Bell to make a girl feel like a princess.

5. Puppy Love

A pajama day with your dog every once in a while is good for the soul, you know?

6. Pre-Glam Sesh

She's beautiful before and after makeup.

7. Pizza Posing

I can't think of anything more sexy than posing in front of a table full of pizza. Can you?

8. Cooking Time

Looking good and cooking good. Deadly combination.

9. The Ultimate Sexy

Everyone's happy place.

She totally owns her body, and that's while she'll forever by my woman crush. Take a lesson from Teigen, and start loving yourself.

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