Where Would The Characters Of 'Felicity' Be Now?

Today, Scott Foley broke my heart. This is obviously not a sentence that I ever expected to be able to say, but it's absolutely true, because today Foley told E! Online that there's very little chance of the greatest show about your late teens and going to college, ever, Felicity , enjoying an on-screen return (welp!).

Foley said, specifically: "I think Felicity worked because it was such a specific time in these character's lives. I don't have any interest in seeing Noel as a computer programmer and Ben as a whatever the hell he is, a stock broker, I think it would be great to get us all together to do something, but I think to have her be Felicity, me be Noel and he be Ben, I don't think it would work. I think you lose some of the magic, some of it that's really connected in the nostalgia." Crushing, right?

Which got me to thinking: Is what Foley said completely accurate? Whilst there's no denying that the show certainly lives in a particular time capsule of our hearts as magical as any real life experiences we may have from that time (I'm not alone in feeling that, right?), I can't help but feel that he's way off in his under-estimation of how interesting the characters would be to watch today.

Considering that the Felicity first aired in 1998 and that most of the characters were in their late teens or early 20s during it, in 2015 our gang of New York-dwelling friends would be in their mid to late 30s by now. So what might they be like?

Felicity Porter

Poor, indecisive Felicity. Throughout the series she struggles to make permanent decisions in her love life (Noel or Ben?!) or her career (medicine or art?!), but as anyone who has faced the often turbulent cross roads of their 20s can confirm; growing up not only brings wisdom but it also forces us to pick a path which will bring us the balance between living comfortably and being happy.

Felicity might have chosen Ben in the season finale, but did anyone ever think that those guys would last? In present day, Felicity is likely some form of medical consultant, still pitching artwork to galleries on the side. And Ben? She probably moved on from that hot mess a long time ago, but it doesn't mean she won't still be dreaming of ditching her current life to be with him. Just like she always did.

Ben Covington

The hot mess himself. Deep down, we all know that Ben was a good guy but that he just had a whole lot of growing up to do. It's unlikely that Ben ever got round to successfully achieving the medical career he was studying for at college, but if he did then he's probably absolutely hating it and trying to figure out a way to change his career (and still be able to financially support the kid he had with college fling, Lauren). But a wild card will always be a wild card and Ben liked to follow his heart and take chances. I'd like to think that Felicity would be that chance. Because I'm an old, romantic fool and Ben was hella good at grand romantic gestures.

Noel Crane

OK, so maybe Foley was right about one thing and that's the fact that Noel probably wouldn't be the most interesting guy to either play or even watch anymore (even with Foley's terribly lovely face). As the most sensible of all of the Felicity characters, Noel is the most likely to be content in a stable job (probably in computer programming, let's face it) and in a happy marriage. I'm sure he would have many pleasant brunches to sit through and the same old impatient, scathing commentaries to pass on the state of everyone else's lives, though. Which, I can't lie, I'd still probably watch an entire episode of.

Elena Tyler

I'm going to completely ignore the frankly confusing alternate-dimension-time-traveling aspects of the final Felicity episodes in which Elena died but then miraculously came back to life to attend Noel's wedding (that is a true friend, right there). Let's just say that Elena is alive and she's also doing fantastic. It's easy to imagine Elena as a live-to-work career woman doctor with a beautiful home and an enviable social life (she and Felicity would still be total besties, and you know it), but it's also easy to see her travelling the World with Doctors Without Borders and actually using her smarts and her talents to make a difference.

Julie Emrick

Julie, without a doubt, probably released an album at some point (to mixed reviews and limited success) before ditching the record company and setting up her own digital DIY label. It's easy to imagine her as the sweetheart of Williamsburg and overseeing the management of a handful of obscure, uber-cool bands (whilst still slinging shots in some upmarket bar, because it's hard to fully pay the bills with just music these days).

Meghan Rotundi

Wonderful, free spirit, occult obsessed Meghan was always a little too out there for Sean to handle and in all probability she's likely found true happiness in a liberal, polyamorous relationship with two people who are finally on her level. Meghan probably works as some form of holistic health therapist, unblocking chakras and soothing the stresses of the modern New Yorker for just enough money to live comfortably (and maintain her awesome wardrobe). And she has to still check in with Felicity from time to time and no doubt howl at how strange they perceive the other's life to be.

Sean Blumberg

Remember that documentary he was making about everyone on the show? Yeah, he's still milking that for all that it's worth and getting even greater success with it now that it's a little vintage and kitsch. Sean probably has a successful YouTube channel and podcast by now and lives off the royalties of ad revenue and whatever invention he managed to convince the five titans of industry on Shark Tank to invest in. His invention is still awaiting a release date, but it definitely works. Oh yeah, definitely.

Javier Clemente Quintata

Still happily married to his husband (and with a kid or two, maybe?) Javier owns his own business by now; a humbly sized restaurant with a niche menu and a cult following for those in the know. Don't be surprised if he lives in the same neighbourhood or even street as BFF Felicity or that they still spend oodles of time bitching about their love lives with cocktails on a roof terrace.

I mean, come on! Would you not want to see that? I think Foley is completely wrong, Felicity would be amazing if it were to come back now. I need it in my life and so do you. Now, if only J. J. Abrams wasn't so damn distracted with that little science fiction movie I hear he's shooting, then we might even get our wish.

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