This Is The First Canceled TV Show Of The Season

by Emily Lackey

It’s always tough being the first one to go. Whether it’s the first one off the island or the first one out at tag, it's not easy. But, during a television season that set a precedent for having a first-year show be renewed before one was even cancelled, it’s even more brutal. Unfortunately, the time has come for one of the first fall season shows, Wicked City, to be canceled before its first season is through.

The series promised something relatively new in television. Proclaiming itself to be an anthology show, the whole point of Wicked City, like those that came before it — True Detective, American Horror Story — was to make it through the first season so that the second season could start, and a whole new true crime could begin.

The series stars Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen, and, despite their amazing talent, has struggled since pilot season. Before it was even released, it went through two title changes — and, even worse, its time slot — Tuesdays at 10 p.m. — was up against the World Series in its opening week. Considering it was a new series, it’s no surprise that Wicked City didn't fare well ratings-wise with competition like that. According to The Wrap, the premiere received only 3.3 million viewers.

Now it’s a race to see which new shows will be renewed as they settle into their seasons and which ones will shutter their doors and head for home.

Image: ABC