Kylie Jenner's Comfy Sunday Outfit Is Pretty Edgy

Sunday's are the day of rest — unless you're a celebrity. While many of us were laying in bed watching Netflix all day, Kylie Jenner wore the ultimate lazy Sunday outfit to take Snapchats of herself and drive around listening to music. You know, the usual. While I am completely envious that her comfy style is way more edgy than mine will ever be, we do have a lot in common when it comes to lazy day dressing.

She might have toned down her makeup and thrown her hair in a bun, but Jenner's outfit proves that even her most laid-back days are ten times more stylish than the rest of ours. After all, she still found time to have a mini photo shoot of her outfit by the pool. I wonder where I can find someone to follow me around even on my laziest days and take pictures of me?

Jenner rocked a grey jacket with matching drawstring pants that somehow combined fashion and comfort in the best way possible. She paired the open jacket with a white bandeau to keep it cool and casual at the same time. While the color schemes and the comfort level of both of our outfits were almost on the same level, my outfit was nowhere near as stylish. Shall we compare?

The Outfit: Kylie's Version

How cool is this outfit? Lately Jenner's got me really considering putting a matching sweatsuit on my Christmas list. The simple bandeau mixed with the laid-back fabric is the ultimate comfy meets chic combo.

The Outfit: My Version

For my comfy day, I helped decorate the house for Thanksgiving. I opted for an oversized white shirt, maroon bralette and leggings. Not so chic, but oh so comfy. Bonus comfort points for my wool socks.

The Comfy Kicker: Kylie's Version

Basic Seamless Bandeau, Free People, $20

What made Jenner's outfit the perfect lazy Sunday outfit was her bandeau. Of course, her faux bra was probably a designer brand, but either way it was the kicker .

The Comfy Kicker: My Version

Aerie Lace Bralette, American Eagle, $20

Like Jenner, I also avoided a bra at all costs. Because Sundays are not for wearing real bras, they're for avoiding doing so in any way possible. I seriously suggest a bralette if you haven't tried one already.

The Hair: Kylie's Version

Even her top knot looked chic on her Sunday Funday. The slicked back hairstyle made for an edgier look that dressed up her laid-back outfit a bit.

The Hair: My Version

This is what happens when you go to bed with wet hair and wake up too lazy to do it. To be completely honest, this isn't as bad as it normally gets, but it was by no means a good hair day for me.

The Makeup: Kylie's Version

This is Jenner in rare form. Not only did she not have any eye makeup on, but she also skipped the lipstick. Might I just add that she looks just as fabulous bare-faced as she does with a ton of makeup on. You go, girl.

The Makeup: My Version

Okay, so I have some light makeup on. In my defense, I thought I was going to brunch and then ended up in bed before helping decorate the house. It did make for some good Snapchats though — something Jenner and I both did a lot of on our lazy Sunday.

So there you have it. Jenner and I might not be on the same page when it comes to any other outfit, but we did seem to have the same ideas on how to keep things as comfy as possible. Maybe we're more a like than it seems, after all!

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Images: Kali Borovic (3), Courtesy Brands (2)