Justin Bieber's New Vids Are Too Much For Fans

by Loretta Donelan

A day after his new album Purpose left them freaking out in a good way, Justin Bieber fans have a ton of new music videos to deal with. Basically pulling a Beyoncé on us all, Bieber unceremoniously released one new music video every hour Saturday on his Twitter and YouTube, grouping them under the title Purpose: The Movement — and even songs that have previously received videos, like "What Do You Mean" and "I'll Show You," have new videos.

In fact, the only video in the group that we've already seen is the excellent dance video for "Sorry," and even better, those dancers and their crop tops have returned in the new "What Do You Mean" video!

Of course, fans are reacting accordingly, not only at the presence of the videos but at the fact that they are excellent, and that, TBH, they provide a dance education to even the most awkward among us. Like the album itself, the videos are simultaneously accessible and sad. Many of them also contain new voiceovers from Bieber that fans will be analyzing for months to come. From the tearful to the ecstatic, here are the ways fans are freaking out about all these new Bieber vids.

It's Making Some As Emotional As Justin

It's A Great Moment For Dancers

Loving The Aesthetic

The Great Dancing In "I'll Show You"

Praising Choreographer Parris Goebel

Waiting For New Vids Is Hard...

Not Being Able To Deal With All The Bieber

Noticing An Awesome Pattern

Feeling Proud

Getting Optimistic

It's Making Some People Beliebers

Making The Beyoncé Connection

Seeing All Your Role Models Together

Wishing You Could Dance

No Words

It's Interfering With Sleep

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Loving The Choreography

Picking Up Some Tips

Getting Excited

And Just Loving The Creativity

Whether or not more videos are coming — it looks likely, considering, as Complex points out, one is dropping every hour — Justin Bieber fans have a lot of videos to binge watch... and dance moves to learn.