Cindy Crawford Goes Makeup-Free On Instagram

When you’re this much of a big deal (and this gorgeous), there’s no need for makeup, IMO. Cindy Crawford posed makeup free on Instagram because why not, you know? If I were her I’d walk around in my pajamas wearing no makeup all of the time. For this lady messy hair, pjs, and no makeup still looks incredible. This iconic model could do whatever she pleased and get away with it.

The photo was captioned “Getting some beauty rest,” and I can’t help but laugh at that because it’s not like she needs it. And if the secret to her beauty really is just rest, then I’m going to start taking more naps, you feel me? She’s got such a fan basis that people literally wear her name on their clothing, so she’s pretty much winning at life, if you ask me. Makeup or no, Crawford always kills it, and that’s probably got something to do with why we lover her so.

Throughout her career, she’s worn basically everything you could imagine for photo shoots, runways and more, but in her personal life she opts for minimal makeup more times that not. See her latest makeup-free selfie along with seven other times that she’s just been her natural, beautiful self.

In bed, chilling with no makeup on and just flawless.

1. Spa Day

I could go for a spa day right about now.

2. Early Morning

Nothing like a morning selfie to get your day going.

3. Biker Babe

All she needs is a pair of sunglasses and the open road

4. By The Pool

What a gorgeous view.

5. Towel Dry

She looks great, wet hair and all.

6. Airplane Styling

Wearing something comfy, not dealing with makeup and sleeping on a plane is the best way to travel.

7. Selfie Lesson

Well, looks like they've got the perfect selfie down pat.

Forever slaying.

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