A New 'Force Awakens' TV Spot Is Here

by Maura O'Malley

Like many other fans, I was heartbroken recently when director J.J. Abrams announced that there would be no more full-length Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers. But soon, I realized that this just meant that greater importance and examination will be placed on Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spots, the newest of which was released on Sunday. These television trailers are typically only 30 seconds long, not leaving a lot of time for new locations, images, and plot points from the film, but still, they're something, and give enough info to tide us over until the movie's release.

Luckily for fans, several different Force Awakens TV spots have already been released, each with their own particular niche focus and newly revealed scenes. While the previous TV trailer focused on the character Rey and her origins within the Star Wars universe, this latest spot surrounds the action and adventure of the new film overall. This short clip is jam-packed with fight scenes and explosions, and it even features some storm-trooper flamethrowers.

Since I intend to gleam as much information from these clips before the film is released as possible, I have been going over this latest TV spot with a fine-toothed comb. While on the surface clip trailer does recycle a lot of footage from previous trailers, some new and important images have been snuck in for fans' viewing pleasure.

Let's take a closer look at this TV spot to see what secrets can be revealed about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


This TV spot begins with a scene we have seen many times. It is of Rey and BB-8 walking (and rolling) through the Jakku desert at dusk. The place seems desolate and BB-8 looks completely out of place, similar to how R2-D2 looked on the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars: A New Hope. While the images are the same, this trailer features a new voiceover from the character Rey. "There are stories about what happened," Rey says. Interesting. What stories could she be talking about?

The Myth Lives

Luke Skywalker has been noticeably absent from both the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster and the subsequent trailers. This glimpse of a mechanical hand included with Luke's trusty sidekick R2D2 can only mean one thing: this caped mystery man is the man, the myth, the legend, Luke Skywalker. This scene is accompanied by voiceover by Han Solo assuring Ray and Finn that the stories they have heard are true. It would appear that in this new film, the tales of Luke Skywalker has faded into lore, but only time will tell.

And The Action Begins

Then the TV spots slides into a bunch of action sequences including this image of a town being destroyed. In previous trailers, Rey has been seen on a forest planet looking up as TIE Fighters approach over head. It would appear that this scene, with Rey witnessing the destruction of a forest town, is closely linked to those Fighters.

Chase Scene

In early trailers and teasers, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 were seen running through the desert away from destruction and explosions. It would appear that firefight began within the city limits of the small Jakku town. It will be interesting to see what leads to this sequence of advents. Did someone find out that Finn was a stormtrooper defector? Did a business deal go south? We don't have the answers to these questions yet.

Same Scene, New Angle

This image shows Rey, Finn, and BB-8 running towards Rey's pod-cruiser moments before it explodes. Without transportation, how do Rey, Finn, and BB-8 successfully flee Jakku?

Rey Takes Charge

Questions answered. It would appear that while Rey and Finn are on Jakku they commandeer The Millennium Falcon. I don't know how, when, or why this happens but this would explain how the two new characters come into contact with Han Solo.

StormTroopers Are Still Bad

Previous trailers have shown the stormtroopers storming off a spaceship to attack a town and it looks like they have upgraded their gear because some of them have flamethrowers. Is this what causes Finn to become disillusioned? Do the stormtroopers savagely burn down a whole town? We will have to wait till Dec. 18 to see.

Wait, What?

I am obsessed with this scene. BB-8 totally looks like, "wait what?" as the explosion goes off behind him. It totally reminds me of R2D2. I know a lot of time has been spent exploring Rey's lineage, but has anyone thought about BB-8? Is R2D2 its parent? Can robots have children? I have so many questions.

Han Solo Captured Again

We have seen this scene of Han Solo, Finn, and Chewy seemingly surrendering and be taken hostage in previous trailers. What makes this scene important in the TV spots is that when paired with the subsequent scene, a sense of context is built.

Poe For The Win

In the TV spot, this scene of a X-wing fighters shooting down a TIE fighter directly follows the scene of the trio being arrested. Hell yeah, it looks like Poe Dameron and the boys come to save Han Solo, Finn, and Chewy.

While I am really sad that there won't be any new full-length trailers before the film's release, at least these TV spots are filled with enough tiny nuggets of gold to keep fans all very happy.

Images: Walt Disney Studios (11)