'Borgias' Will End After Three Seasons... But Creator Neil Jordan Talks Pope Alexander VI's fate

Seems mass is over for Showtime's The Borgias. The network announced that, following the third season of the Jeremy Irons series, Borgias will end.

Not that that was initially the plan. According to creator Neil Jordan (via Deadline), he had intended to run Borgias for four seasons. That is, until star Irons approached him during Season 3 filming, telling him, "This feels like the end of something, that the family has come to the end."

Jordan had planned to wrap up character storylines in a two-hour movie, but Showtime wasn't able to provide the budget. But for fans eager to find out Pope Alexander VI's fate, Jordan says, "I wanted a totally biblical ending, for the Pope to burn in hell.

As for how Season 3 will end, viewers will still have to find out — the series finale airs June 16 on Showtime.

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Image: Showtime