Alicia & Jason Need To Hook Up On 'The Good Wife'

There is so much sexual tension between Alicia Florrick and Jason Crouse on The Good Wife , you could cut it with a knife. And, after weeks of teasing and flirting, it finally looked like things were heating up between Alicia and her burly new investigator. In Sunday night's episode, "Driven," she invited Jason to share a drink and was just about to make him dinner — frozen miniature tacos — when Peter arrived. Not only did Alicia and Jason's possibly romantic night get interrupted by her own husband, but Alicia and Peter had sex. With Alicia hooking up with Peter and Jason always just out of reach, I'm starting to wonder if Alicia and Jason ever hook up on The Good Wife.

There's no question that Alicia has feelings for Jason. Even if it's just a sexual attraction, something is there. Jason, however, is a little harder to figure out. Between his monosyllabic tendencies and mysterious past, who knows whether Jason is actually interested in Alicia or just a flirty guy. But don't give up just yet, Alicia-Jason shippers (Jalicia?), because by the end of the episode, it looked like Jason wasn't going to let Alicia off the hook for those tacos.

Unfortunately, it looks like Peter might get in the way of a possible Jason-Alicia hook up. After Jason was forced out of Alicia's apartment by arrival, the spouses spent time together under the same roof. The next day, fresh off a win at work, Alicia decided to have some good, old-fashioned, no-strings-attached sex with her husband. Peter and Alicia's marriage has always been complicated, and it will only be getting more complex as Peter's run for the Presidency continues. But, hey, Jason looks like the type of guy who can keep a secret. And what's more secret than an affair with the First Lady?

Images: Jeff Neumann/CBS; exceptionalmoment/tumblr