Emma & Alek From 'DWTS' Are The Cutest Together

Dancing With The Stars famously pairs professional dancers with celebs, but how about two of the dancers pairing off with each other? Fans are clamoring for Alek Skarlatos (who is paired with Lindsay Arnold this season) and Emma Slater (who was paired with Hayes Grier) to date, if they aren't already. I mean, there are already the cutest pics of Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater floating around social media, showing off their adorable chemistry and photogenic closeness. Whether they're dating or not, they've proven to be just too cute in photos together.

Last month, the duo danced a sexy rumba together and Slater admitted to People that they had an instant connection with each other. "From the first day of rehearsal, we were really comfortable with each other," she said. "Some people just have that energy that you can have a laugh with straight away and just do normal stuff with." On the show, the duo even agreed to go on a date, but Emma admitted to E! last month that the date hadn't happened yet. "We'll see," Slater said. "I should because I kind of broke his nose!" It's true — Slater injured Skarlatos' nose during rehearsal last month, but he handled it like a champ.

And, they are still just too cute together. Check out the photo evidence below.

1. They've Got Goofy Faces Down

The camera absolutely loves them — and their cute expressions.

2. They Glam Up So Nicely

Emma and Alek are backstage in this photo and lookin' fine — especially together. And, look at how close they are to each other for this selfie. Clearly there's some chemistry there.

3. They're Even Charming With Cake

What's sweeter than new love? How about new love with a surprise birthday cake? Slater helped surprise Skarlatos with a delicious Oreo cake for his 23rd birthday! So adorable.

4. Boarding All Cute Passengers

So much adorableness.

5. And Then There Was A Baby

OMG. I can't even. How is Instagram even handling this?

6. They Went To A Beautiful Waterfall Together

Okay, hear me out: Alek may not be in this photo, but he's probably on the other side of the camera. It's proof that he and Emma went somewhere together an appreciated nature together. And it does not get any cuter than that.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC