Kylie Jenner Looks Like Kourtney Kardashian In New Minimal Makeup Selfie — PHOTO

Is the minimal makeup selfie the new no makeup selfie? You know, faces rocking a tiny bit of product instead of none at all? That very well may be the case. Kylie Jenner wore minimal makeup in a new snap, opting for a nearly naked face, bare and natural eyes, and the softest pink lipstick. She totally resembled her eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian since "Kourtlie" has been a thing in the Kardashian orbit.

I think it's Jenner's messy, beach, center-parted, and texturized black hair that made her look so similar to her big sis. Also, Kardashian doesn't always do super dramatic makeup, so there's that.

Of course, Jenner's lips are the most striking element of this particular selfie, but it's not what you'd think. Her puffy, perfectly lined pucker has been one of 2015's hottest beauty topics. Here, Jenner's lips are still as voluptuous as ever.

But the delicate shade, which looks like a rich, luscious pink balm massaged into her lips, and the lack of liner made her pout stand out.

Jenner also ditched eyeliner and statement false lashes, the latter being another of her signatures. It was such a simple look but it was memorable because of her pink-slicked lips.

Perhaps this is one of the colors from her shrouded-in-mystery Lip Kits? Let's compare.

Here's the minimal makeup Jenner, looking like the oldest Kardashian sister, and rocking the palest, whisper light shade of pink.

And here's the Lip Kit photo. The second tube from the left could be the same lip product.

Jenner also snapped a pic of her manicure; she rocked a baby pink hue on her lips and her tips. She usually goes with long, almond-shaped talons, but this shorter, oval shape was so ladylike.

Clearly, Jenner is feeling pink with her beauty products lately. Since the Lip Kits are still MIA, here's a suggestion for getting the same angelic pink on your pout.

Lipstick Queen's Belle Epoque pot gloss in Belle Pink looks super concentrated and rosy in the container. But when applied to naked lips, it's lighter. It tints and moisturizes lips, making them as kissable as Kylie's. ($20,

Belle Nude is also a peachy pink similar to Jenner's lip look in the photo. These add just a touch of sheen and aren't overly glossy. ($20,

Here's hoping that Jenner just kicked off a minimal makeup, pink-lipped trend.

Images: Courtesy Brands