Proof One Direction Are Total Professionals

Over the past five years, Directioners were given a ton of access to One Direction's lives. Be it their X Factor UK video diaries, the 1D Day livestream, or just the moments they've shared with fans, the band spent a lot of time scrutinized in the spotlight. Given this, it's surprising to catch the band in a candid moment, like ever, yet leaked footage from One Direction's BBC Radio1 rehearsal did just that.

Tragically, the video was pulled from YouTube (but not before fans captured relevant Vines from it), but it does establish one thing: Even when they don't know they're being recorded, the members One Direction are consummate professionals. ("I had no idea I was being filmed at this point so funny," Liam Payne tweeted when the video hit the internet.) Releasing an album is hard work that involves endless trips to the studio, press interviews, performances, traveling, and long hours. It's understandable that the band would be exhausted and cranky. Yet in the video, they seem anything but, with Payne especially acting notably bubbly.

The physical toll taken on the band is especially present in Harry Styles, who was using a talking app to help alleviate his sore throat. However, the singer's positive attitude is exhibited in his sense of humor, which you can see in the clip below.

Goofy moments aside, the video also captures an intimate look at how One Direction work. Whether they're individually practicing their verses, giving feedback on a performance, or interacting with each other, it's clear how much they've grown since their early days. If there's one thing that we can take away from the footage, it's that even on the cusp of their hiatus, the band is just as professional as we'd hope they would be. You may now go back to listening to "Walking in the Wind" on repeat and silently sobbing.