Every Woman Should Watch '30 Rock'

TV viewers are treated to a variety of shows featuring female leads. Whether we're watching Olivia Pope "handle it" on Scandal or following Carrie Bradshaw's quest for love on Sex and the City , there's a wide range of dynamic female characters that show different aspects of being a woman. But when it comes to the one TV show every woman should watch at some point in her life, the clear top choice seems to be 30 Rock.

On a base level, the credits speak for themselves. Tina Fey not only stars in the sitcom, but she created and co-wrote it. And, yes, the main character is a woman, but 30 Rock's empowerment for females is so much more than that.

Liz Lemon is a flawed and dynamic character. As the show consistently points out, she's a single, childless woman in her mid-30s (she celebrates her milestone 40th birthday on the show as well), and she's subject to all of the scrutiny that someone befitting that profile is exposed to by society. Her parents, her boss, and more people comment on her marital status, while an adoption agency worker notes that Liz's career isn't an ideal situation for raising a child. Herein lies the never-ending pull women feel between balancing their careers and their personal lives.

Liz's life is largely defined by her career. She's a woman who also happens to be the lead writer on a variety show. She's at once tough and vulnerable, funny and authentic. She's someone all women can relate to in one way or another. We aspire to succeed in our vocations, but we're aware of the different elements that can hold us back.

Most importantly, we can learn from how Liz handles these hurdles. In many instances, it's humor. However, she's not afraid to show that she's upset or hurt or tired. She's a real woman who rocks glasses and embraces her nerdy side. When she decides she wants a baby, she doesn't wait for a man to pursue her goal.

I don't want to undermine the influence of any other strong female character on television, but 30 Rock does an amazing job of presenting a relatable, empowering woman whose strength isn't defined in her challenges, but how she overcomes them.

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