How Tinder's New "Smart Profiles" Change The Game

If you've updated Tinder recently, you've probably noticed that the app has undergone a few key changes — including the new Smart Profiles feature. Gone are the days of us swiping blindly knowing nothing about the person other than the few words they choose to write and whether they can take five attractive pictures of themselves. Now, Tinder's working on helping you find more meaningful matches. Does this mean the notorious hookup app is becoming more like our favorite dating sites?

A tad.

On top of all of its other changes, Tinder's Smart Profile now allows you to see more quickly the things you have in common with your potential matches. For its latest feature, Tinder is including relevant information like where your possible match went to school and where they are currently working, while keeping the interests you have in common feature in tact. But now, the Smart Profiles update will highlight the relevant info you two share when you're swiping through, adding another level to your match-choosing beyond whether you think that person's a cutie with a booty.

That being said, the info Tinder offers you about someone else is still pretty minimal. But I'm still finding that the new additions are changing my swiping and Tindering habits slightly. And for that, I must thank you, Tinder. It was about time you changed things up a little.

1. It's Making Matches Seem Real

One of my biggest arguments against Tinder is that it's framed too much as a game. The fact that it's super easy to swipe through mindlessly and terms like "continue playing" pop up every once and a while makes it harder for us to remember that there's a person on the other side of that profile. Because Tinder gives us so many options (most of which we are choosing superficially) it's easy to ditch focusing on one in favor of what else we can find. But now, knowing something more about their lives that you can actually relate to humanizes that person a little more.

And as a result, you're more inclined to have a conversation with them, because you have something in common. Whether you will actually meet the love of your life with this simple little change remains to be seen but at least you know that you guys both love cappuccino and work in advertising.

2. You May Be More Selective, But Your Matches Are More Interesting

If you're taking the time to do that added investigation Smart Profiles now allow, you'll start to realize that your matching process has become more selective. And if you're looking for something beyond a hookup, this is a good thing! Yes, you may not have that endless stream of matches that you once did, but now those who do match up with you do so because of a certain degree of compatibility. And when you actually have something to talk about, the chances of a conversation dying or you being ghosted altogether goes down. Quality of quantity my sisters!

Take this guy, for example. I'm not sure what his relationship to the Cheesecake Factory is (does he work there, or is he simply an overly obsessed fan like myself?) but I know that we can build a solid relationship on those three words and future convos involving brown bread. I believe I've found my husband.

3. I Have A New Set of Standards

Since Tinder's latest update, I am no longer swiping right unless you went to college. I've come to realize that I don't think I'd have a dating future with anyone who doesn't fully understand the anguish of student loans. You know what they say: A couple who suffers financially together, stays together. Also, this guy digs James Franco, which I can get down with.

4. Finally, A Built-In Conversation Starter!

Even if you're still swiping on quick, first judgments like the olden days you now have built-in conversation starters that will add to the possibility of you meeting someone from the app. Maybe his/her career choice is really fascinating to you, and you want to know more, or perhaps you wanted to go to their alma mater but didn't get in. Whatever it is, there's now something to say beyond, "that's a cute dog in your second pic."

This guy seemed to know one of my good friends. I swiped right and started a conversation just based off of him knowing her, and got the low-down from my BFF on him later.

Turns out he's a keeper.

5. A New Stalking Method

If you're one of those peeps who likes to stalk their matches hardcore before a date (don't worry, we're all guilty of it) then knowing these new tidbits of info will make your job so much easier. Learning their job title, their past education experiences and their name is the perfect ammo for a loaded google search and a Facebook find. So stalk away, and find out those personal details on your future man or woman that hopefully won't slip out on the first date.

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