What Sign Are You Most Compatible With In Bed?

by Lindsay Tigar

Have you ever really, really connected with someone sexually in an eerie, surprising way? Or — probably more commonly — got your hopes up about having sex with someone new, only to find yourself lying awake, rolling your eyes in the dark? I’ve been there. And while you can’t entirely blame the universe, according to astrologers, there are characteristics of each sign that can affect how they act in bed — and sometimes, it's just not a good match. So what astrological signs are the most sexually compatible?

While air signs might be a little more open-minded and curious, water signs are more about that passion and intensity. Fire signs could be a little kinky, and earth signs don’t mind when things get messy between the sheets.

You might think it’s cliche to ask your date’s sign, but if you’re curious if you’ll hit it off when you'll finally sleep together, take a cue from The Traveling Sage, Kim Tigar (better know as my amazing mom), a North Carolina-based astrologer. From how you’ll connect when you get down and dirty to what you and your partner appreciate about each other in bed, here’s what sign you’re most compatible with … when you’re naked.

1. The Spontaneous Couple: Aries And Sagittarius

“When these two are together, they’re likely doing something active, like swimming, hiking, or running,” Tigar says. “But then the mood strikes, and they’ll be more likely to have sex — wherever they are.” Aries are very adventurous, in and out of the bed, so the fun-loving nature of a Sagittarius will feel challenged and turned on when they’re around. “They’re also both independent and personally driven, so they won’t need help getting excited to try something new. These two have joined have likely joined the Mile High Club — more than once!”

2. The Determined Couple: Virgo And Taurus

Awkward things happen during sex. There’s bodily functions, odd sounds, and often something to clean up after the finale. But if you put a Virgo and Taurus together, then they don’t care. “As two earth signs, they’re very sensual, so they’re more focused on how everything feels than on anything strange going on,” Tigar says. “They tend to be practical about sex, and will go for it when the urge strikes, without all of the romance.” Taurus will appreciate the perfectionist in the Virgo — who always wants to please his or her partner, um, efficiently. And Virgos will be aroused by the pure strength and grit of the Taurus, who is almost always ready to dive right in.

3. The Curious Couple: Gemini And Aquarius

It’s all about communication and playfulness for these two happy-go-lucky air signs. “While Aquarians tend to be more experimental, Geminis are more about having a really good time, so together, they’ll never bore one another,” Tigar says. “And if something isn’t working, or they want more or less of something, neither of them are afraid to speak up to make their sex lives better.” These two are also more likely to use dirty talk as a form of foreplay before any clothes actually come off. “They’re open-minded, so they’ll always feel comfortable expressing themselves or suggesting something new in bed. It’s a win-win for them!”

4. The Passionate Couple: Cancer And Pisces

Since they’re both water signs, Tigar says the best part about their love life is that when it comes to trying new things, there are limitless options. “Water has no boundaries, so they have a vast pool of positions, locations, and types of sex to choose from. They’re passionate people who happen to be very kind, so while sex would be sweet between them, it’d also be quite intense.” Water signs are known for their empathetic nature, so a Cancer and Pisces might read one another’s minds in bed, allowing for really great orgasms over time. “They’ll appreciate the caring and loving side of one another … and will likely be caught in the act in an ocean, lake or pool, because why not? Water’s their thing.”

5. The Romantic Couple: Leo And Libra

Leos tend to have big egos that need stroking, and luckily, Libra is up for the job. To be happy in a relationship — or during sex — Leos want to feel adored, appreciated, loved, and confident, while Libras often need someone to take care of and dote on. “This sexual relationship will be full of fireworks, drama and romance,” Tigar says. “They need a little action to keep things exciting and they’re very expressive in how they feel, what they want and what they really don’t like.” Another fun way they’ll get along? Leos need to have an attractive partner to show off, and Libras are among the prettiest in the Zodiac, according to Tigar.

6. The Kinky Couple: Scorpio And Capricorn

These two might be different, but when they get together, it really, really works. Why? They feed off of what one another needs. “Capricorns can be really hard-working and get wrapped up in their heads, while Scorpios are super intense and passionate,” Tigar says. The Scorpio will encourage the Capricorn to get kinky in bed, and because they’re ambitious, they’ll be up for the challenge. Scorpios will appreciate the dedication in bed, and apparently, will push the limit as much as they can. “There’s really not a limit to what a Scorpio will go after — whipped cream in bed, S&M, bondage, and way kinkier. But it’s OK; the Capricorn will work until they’re perfect at whatever kink their Scorpio partner is into. It gets them going, too.”

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