10 Best Moments From Ari's Perfume Commercial

by Marc Cuenco

Upon watching the premiere of Ariana Grande's Ari perfume commercial, I wasn't surprised about the cinematic feel of the promo clip. Grande is both a chart-topping singer and well-known actress, after all, so the short film perfectly captures her many talents. Just a few days after she teased fans with behind-the-scenes photos, the commercial finally made its debut last Saturday.

It's obvious that Grande wanted to make the commercial for her debut fragrance, which was released last September, extra special. But it also stays very true to her personal style. The clip starts with a very vintage feel, from the music, to the opening titles that reminded me so much of classic TV sitcom intros. Grande also has a special co-star in the commercial — her adopted Beagle-Chihuahua mix puppy Toulouse, who (almost) steals every shot from the pop star. There's also a charming cab driver in the commercial, who gets a private performance from Grande singing her latest hit "Focus."

Half of the Ari commercial could actually substitute as the music video for "Focus," but the entire clip is a lead-up to Grande's first ever fragrance. It's chic and lots of fun, much like the singer herself.

Here are the top 10 things that I loved about Ari's debut fragrance commercial:

1. The Retro Opening Titles

It's very I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched inspired.

2. Ari's Upper East Side Look

Totally digging the Breakfast At Tiffany's meets Pretty in Pink vibe.

3. Those Sunglasses

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4. The Subtle Billboard Placement

Who says Kendall Jenner's billboards get to have all the fun?

5. Toulouse

The commercial's breakout star is Ari's puppy Toulouse.

6. Lashes On Point

She's totally hypnotizing us to buy her fragrance and it's working.

7. Her Mani

This is a gorgeous beauty shot that could pass for a CoverGirl ad.

8. Her Choker And Pearls

The pearls are Chanel chic, but that choker necklace is straight from the '90s.

9. The Fragrance

Obligatory product shot, but it is a cute fragrance bottle.

10. The Kiss

What happened to Toulouse though?

Watch the full video below:

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Images: YouTube; Giphy