Elizabeth Banks Rocks A Sequined Maxi Dress

Continuing the tradition killing it on the red carpet, Elizabeth Banks rocked a sequined maxi dress for the latest premiere of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, and although the event was held in Los Angeles, where it is never cold, had she been transplanted to a colder climate I bet she would have stayed just as warm. As a Southerner, I can barely function in temperatures below 40 degrees and must turn to guides on the internet to figure out how to dress to survive the next Snowpocalypse, so color me impre. This outfit rounds out the impressive looks that Banks has turned out so far, including one memorable ensemble that channeled Effie Trinket, and it is also an excellent source of inspiration for those holiday parties you're got coming up.

While I spend a lot of time goggling at gorgeous gowns on the red carpet and routinely browse the formal section at the mall (though it has lost its luster in recent years, as the mere presence of high schoolers is all it takes to me that I am old), I rarely have the opportunity to wear such a garment—until this year. My partner recently started an internship at a company that hosts an annual holiday party, and he informed me that we are invited. Fortunately, Banks' outfit is just the season-appropriate holiday inspiration I needed.

Behold its splendor:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The floor-length dress is accessorized with a black clutch and a smooth blowout. But how is she able to walk in such a tight skirt?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A convenient slit, of course. Perfect for showing off killer heels and enabling locomotion.

There are three things I appreciate about this outfit: first, it's warm. Second, it's festive. Third, although it's a slim fit, it is easy to walk in. To my surprise, it turns out that there other sensible holiday dresses that, with a little tweaking in some cases, are totally wearable and would look great at a fancy holiday party. Let's take a look:

1. Rock A Side Slit

ASOS Long Sleeve Sequin Stripe Maxi Dress, $197.07,

This dress bears a resemblance to Banks', and it won't break the bank. Well, it would break my bank, but I've heard tales of other twenty somethings that did what mom and dad asked and got a degree in accounting rather than anthropology, which has resulted in the possession of swimming pools filled with money.

Moving on.

2. When Long Sleeves Are Too Warm...

Adrianna Papell Short-Sleeve Sequined Gown, $280,

...wear short sleeves.

3. Go Casual & Kimono-Inspired

First & I Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress, $85.99,

It would be easy to layer thermal tights under this dress. Your arms, however, will likely turn into popsicles .

4. Go Old Hollywood

Club L Plus Long Sleeve Front Sequin Maxi Dress, $116.45,

Classic, festive, and warm all rolled into one gorgeous dress.

5. Cozy Up In Velvet

ASOS Red Carpet Kaftan Velvet Maxi Dress, $214.98,

Velvet's cozy factor is legendary.

6. Layer Under A Mermaid

Club L All Over Sequin Maxi Dress, $116.45,

I bet you could fit a pair of thermal tights under this maxi.

7. Take The Plunge (ing Neckline)

Long Sleeved Sequin Plunge Dress, $270.00,

Although this dress isn't warm in and of itself, paired with a cami and tights it would be plenty to get you through the night.

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