What Clothes Do You Need For The Snow?

There's no more being in denial about winter's arrival. Red cups have returned to Starbucks, and the chill of fall is getting increasingly colder. While it may feel like you've just transitioned from summer, you've got to now ask what clothes do you need for the snow since like the Starks say, "Winter is coming." The truth is that dressing for inclement weather is about more than just style — and yes, that pains me to say that. There are tons of factors to consider when realizing a blizzard if upon you. The good news though is that while some pieces definitely require putting style aside — waterproof socks, anyone? — others can be quite cute.

The truth is that despite all of winter's fashion plights, rules are meant to be broken. Wear that dress you love in the dead of winter, or switch it out for a great seasonal frock. Stay warm and stylish in a peacoat and sweaters or rock something in new, innovative ways that'll keep you extra warm and fashionable. Basically, the sky is the limit with winter fashion, but weather woes present totally new problems. After all, no one wants sludge slowly leaking into their boots and into their socks.

So what clothes do you need for the snow?

Snow Boots

Women's Noelle Winter Boots, $36, Target

Don't worry about slipping in snow boots. These babies will prevent you from losing your grip on the sludge filled sidewalk. Plus, they'll keep your feet super toasty.

Waterproof Socks

Women's Thin Mid Length Sock, $48, Seal Skinz

You're probably think that $48 is outrageous for sock. Well, get back to me when snow seeps into your boot, but your toes stay warm and dry despite the mishap.

Warm Jacket

Women's Plus Size Telluride Jacket Down Jacket, $129, Free Country

There's little warmer than a down jacket, and this one will keep you warm in the harshest of winter weather.

Warm Leggings

Cuddl Duds Softwear with Stretch Legging, $24, Kohl's

Want to stay warm? Rock a pair of leggings or tights under your preferred pants for the day.

Cozy Hat

When There's A Chill Hat, $23, Modcloth

Hats not only protect your locks from getting soaked — and thus, you from getting sick —but they also can be pulled down low enough to keep your ears toasty in the snow as well.


Leather Gloves, $15, H&M

Sure, they're not Balmain, but these gloves will keep you warm and toasty while still allowing you to do daily tasks.

Cable Knit Sweater

Cambridge Cable Crewneck Sweater, $88, J.Crew

Cable knit pullovers are my go-to in the winter. They're easy to style, totally wearable, and they're super warm under your winter coat.

Images: Courtesy of brands