How To Use Your Phone After You Crack The Screen

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Do you have the kind of butterfingers that spell out bad news for your iPhone screen? Well then you're welcome in advance, for teaching you how to open Assistive Touch and not let your broken iPhone keep you from iPhoning. We've all been there — you're walking your dog, or dancing, or jumping on the bed, or being startled by an eagerly anticipated text message — and boom, your phone just slips through your fingers.

Usually this happens in slo-mo and your involuntary bellow will catch the attention of anyone in the vicinity, and they too will join in and shout at your falling phone, cursing gravity for betraying your grip. And when it finally falls, everyone will wince. They know that sound — the cracking sound. Once the rubberneckers have confirmed that the screen is shattered, they look away. They can't even.

And with their own grips tightening around their crack-free screens, they continue on, shaking their heads, leaving you to your iSadness. Because sometimes a broken phone is more than just an inconvenience. What happens if you need to get in touch with someone to prevent an emergency? We've come to rely on our phones so much, we're rendered incapacitated without their functionality. Fret not, Apple has a loophole for the nonfunctioning home button and shattered screen:

Take A Deep Breath

OK, you've dropped your phone, the screen has cracked, you've cursed the fates, cried, and now you're ready to get this iShow on the road.

How To Find The Loophole

Check to see if your "home" button is working. If it's not, OK, here's what you're going to do:

Step One

Click on the Settings app.

Step Two

Click on the General menu item.

Step Three

Click on the Accessibility menu item.

Step Four

Scroll down to AssistiveTouch.

Step Five

Turn AssistiveTouch on.

Step Six

Check to make sure the new Home button is sitting on your screen.

Step Seven

Touch it!

Step Eight

Customize it! This will activate shortcuts that will make it easier to use your phone in the time before you go out and get it fixed.

How To Actually Fix Your Screen

If you're not already due for an upgrade, you can always hit up your local Genius Bar for a replacement screen — they'll make quick work of it, and you can get back to Instagramming pictures of your pizza in no time.

How To Avoid Fixing Your Screen As Long As Possible

Get yourself a sweet pair of texting gloves and use them whenever touching your broken screen to avoid splinters. When making calls, either use speaker phone, Bluetooth or your headphones to keep the screen away from your face. And, of course, get the screen fixed ASAP — who knows how many Facebook engagements you'll miss?!

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