'How I Met Your Mother' Creators Have A New Show

With nine seasons under its belt, How I Met Your Mother remains a beloved sitcom — even if the finale didn't quite meet fan expectations. However, with an incredible number of guest stars, How I Met Your Mother developed a unique sense of humor that will always resonate with viewers. Given the loyal following, it's no surprise that there's already buzz around New York Mythological , the new sitcom (hopefully!) coming from How I Met Your Mother co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

According to Deadline, the show is a single-camera half-hour long concept that "enters on a Midwestern girl who moves to Manhattan and experiences firsthand the magic of New York." Bays and Thomas will write and executive produce the series, which will air on CBS. The natural question to ask is will this new show live up to the pop culture acclaim of How I Met Your Mother?

Aside from the same creators, the brief teaser we have indicates parallels to HIMYM. Ted Mosby, the protagonist whose love story we followed for nine seasons, also happens to be from the Midwest. Shaker Heights, OH, to be exact. Of course, Ted moves to New York and, yes, it's arguable that he experiences the magic of the city firsthand. However, as someone who fits the description of New York Mythological, I'm wondering how authentic it will be.

Like Ted (and Bays), I hail from the great state of Ohio. (Although I'm from Cincinnati which, for you non-locals, is located at the opposite end of the state.) And like the theoretical protagonist in New York Mythological, I too moved to the city where I experience its magic on a daily basis. (In the past 24 hours alone, I've dealt with a mouse in my apartment and a subway train changing its course unannounced.)

Based on my experience, there's so much from which Bays and Thomas can draw. It's definitely a major change — accents, walking pace, and the word used to describe "soda" can differ greatly between the two areas. However, if Bays and Thomas taught us anything with HIMYM, it's that these differences are part of the charm of their characters.

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