This Is The Key To Making Boots Warmer

The hard truth: Sometimes, our cutest pair of winter boots isn't exactly our warmest. On those freezing days when you're just not feeling the actual snow boot vibe, though, fret not. Your feet needn't suffer through the chilly temps. The best way to make any boots warmer is to choose the right socks. I know, I know, it sounds obvious, but the key word here? Right.

As a skier, hiker, boot lover, and someone whose extremities are always absurdly cold, I've got this winter sock thing on lock, if I do say so myself. Although it's tempting to just throw on a couple pairs of your go-to athletic socks before sliding on your favorite boots, that can lead to blister central. Ouch. Been there. High-tech wool socks do a great job of preventing pain and keeping your toes toasty warm.

Most "fancy socks" like these are made from Merino wool, so while they're not cheap, they're totally worth spending more than you normally would on a pair of socks. Plus, many pairs come in cute colors and patterns, so even if you've got a classic black boot goin' on, you know there's a sock party happening underneath them. Fans of fun socks, rejoice.

Here are seven pairs of wool socks that'll keep your feet cozy this winter.


Women's Snowflake Flurry Socks, $24, Smartwool

You can sing "Let It Snow!" with confidence in these socks.


Darn Tough Good Witch Crew Socks, $20, REI

Like a fun surprise when you pull off your boots at the end of the day.


Smartwool Lacy Top Over-the-Knee Sock, $24, Zappos

The perfect knee-high boot sock. Plus, the "foot" part doesn't have the crochet detailing, so they're just as warm as any other sock.


SmartWool Ultralight Micro Running Socks, $10, Sierra Trading Post

No one's saying you actually have to wear these for running.


Shannon Stripe Crew Socks, $10, REI

Extra points if you wear these with Birkenstocks. I swear, I won't judge.


Smartwool Casual Cable-Knit Socks, $11, Sierra Trading Post

You can't go wrong with a cable-knit sock under a bootie for work (even if no one sees it.)

Bonus: Sock Liner

Wigwam Ultimate Liner Socks, $12, Amazon

If you want to take your sock game up another notch, consider springing for a liner. The extra layer will keep your feet warm (plus, they're sweat wicking, so your feet will be extra dry and blister-free.) Fair warning, though: These are slightly less, um, visually appealing. Worth it.

Images: Courtesy of brands