Which Wine To Pair With Your Holiday Cookies

by Dacy Knight

In culinary terms, the holidays mean party appetizers, ham, seasonal pies, and of course, cookies. Since another usual suspect of the holiday party scene is wine, any responsible participant will want to study up on holiday cookie and wine pairings for a truly enjoyable experience.

Whether you're a sweet tooth by nature or merely succumb to these sugary persuasions during the holiday season, Christmas cookies are sure to begin and end your stay at any holiday get-together. They'll likely also be a seasonal staple in your home this time of year. Even if you yourself have no plans to bake or purchase them, you can guarantee they'll be gifted to you by a baking BFF or a caring coworker.

Your only concern during this onslaught of holiday cookies should be how you'll be consuming them. Forget washing down your dessert with milk. Everyone knows wine is a necessity during the season. It warms you up during cold weather months while also relieving some of the tension that builds at family functions, of which there are sure to be many. If you're anything like me, you'll drink your own body weight in wine between now and New Year's Day. So what better way to prepare for the upcoming weeks than with Christmas cookie and wine pairings to get you through the holidays?

Achieving the perfect pairing is kind of like emulating the synergistic relationship you have with your best friend. When enjoyed together, the cookie and the wine should bring out the best in each other, and reach new levels of awesomeness they couldn't alone.

Wash down your next batch of sugar cookies with a flute of sweet bubbly, and let the sparkling sensation dissolve that crunchy coating. Pair a pour of classic Cab with the quintessential American cookie for full-bodied flavor, and tannins that go especially well with dark chocolate chips. A glass of rich Port, with its made-for-dessert sweetness, makes for an obvious companion to several cookies, including peanut butter and oatmeal raisin. Or play off the saltiness of the oatmeal with a peppery Syrah. White wine enthusiasts will find their best pairings with cookies of the spicier variety, like gingerbread and snickerdoodle. Shortbread also pairs nicely with a dry white that cuts through the buttery richness of the cookie. Whatever your cookie of choice, enjoy it with a liberal pour of something below. Now here's a toast to happier holidays!

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle (2); Giphy