11 Christmas Cookies Paired With Impossibly Delicious Holiday Booze Drinks

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I read somewhere that calories don't count during the month of December. (I read that inside a book in a dream that I had once, where Ryan Gosling agreed that was "totally legit," because he was also there, wearing a Santa hat.) Now that I have given you some alarming insight into my deepest, not-so-secret fantasies, let me assure you that I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to baked goods and the holidays: As a self-appointed dessert connoisseur (aka, human garbage disposal), I have baked and sampled many delicious holiday cookies in my time. As a result, I can pretty confidently tell you which boozy holiday drinks you ought to be pairing them with.

Let's be real: There aren't any hard and fast rules to this. If you have a cookie and you also have booze, then you're already winning at life. But maybe this holiday season you'll get a hankering to throw a holiday party, at which point you will probably dissolve into existential panic wondering which cookies to serve with the spiked eggnog (the struggle is real), and you'll be glad that you had this booze and cookie guide to ease you through the hosting stress. Or you could just make some for yourself, because every time is a good time for dessert. Here are some ideas for dessert and booze pairings you should experiment with this year.

Image: doughmesstic

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