'Sanjay's Super Team' Could Be One Of Pixar's Best

When I was a little kid, I remember going to the movies and seeing an animated short before the feature (I'm old, OK?), and I love how Pixar has brought this trend back in recent years. The next Pixar short is Sanjay's Super Team, which hits theaters as the opener to The Good Dinosaur this Thanksgiving. But since Pixar's shorts are so good, often threatening to overshadow the movies they precede, many fans are wondering if they can view this one at home before heading to the movies. So, is there any place where can you watch Sanjay's Super Team online?

Unfortunately, Sanjay's Super Team is unavailable to stream or buy online at the moment (and that will likely change soon), but plenty of information has been released about the short, at least. It's the directing debut for Sanjay Patel, a Pixar animator who's been with the company since right after their big Toy Story breakthrough in 1996. The new short is partly biographical, and is based upon Patel's experiences growing up in California with Indian immigrant parents. The clip revolves around young Sanjay, who is more interested in superheroes than his father's praying. That is, until, he begins to see the Hindu deities as superheroes in their own right. Pixar has released a short clip to whet your appetite, which you can watch below.

Even though Sanjay's Super Team is not yet available in its entirety online, there are plenty of other great short films from Pixar's library that are. So take a look below at some of the best shorts the inventive animation studio has to offer.

Day And Night

I have to confess, this is my favorite Pixar short. Its depiction of personified versions of day and night becoming envious on one another, as well as the combiation of 2D and 3D animation, show the studio at its creative best.

Paired with Toy Story 3 in 2010.

La Luna

Did you know it's the job of a three generation Italian family to clean shooting stars off the moon? Neither did I until I watched this beautiful short.

Paired with Brave in 2012.


A lone man being abducted by aliens from a rural farmhouse sounds terrifying, but when the alien running the abduction is totally incompetent, it becomes the funniest short in Pixar's entire catalog.

Paired with Ratatouille in 2007.


Another short that goes for laughs instead of feels, this time about a hungry rabbit sabotaging his magician owner's act, while accidentally making it the best show ever.

Paired with WALL-E in 2008.

For the Birds

Be nice to others. That's the moral of this short, where some mean-spirited birds get what's coming to them.

Paired with Monsters, Inc. in 2001.

Geri's Game

This was Pixar's first short since 1989, and kicked off their tradition of pairing shorts with their features. The delightful story of an old man playing an intense game of chess against himself remains one of their best efforts.

Paired with A Bug's Life in 1996.

Luxo Jr.

Although this 1986 short wasn't Pixar's first film (it was their second), it's the one that defined the company. Its use of computer animation was groundbreaking and changed the animation industry forever, while the short's playful lamp became the company mascot. Last year, the film was inducted into the prestigious Library of Congress for being culturally significant.

Paired with Toy Story 2 in 1999.

These are just some of the fantastic shorts Pixar has produced over the years, a proud tradition that looks to cement its stellar reputation even further with Sanjay's Super Team.

Images: Disney/Pixar