Eddie & Rocky's Secret Is Out On 'Below Deck'

This is it folks, the grand finale of Season 3 of Below Deck. As the season finale, it's no surprise that the biggest source of drama of this installment of the show, a.k.a. Eddie and Rocky hooking up, would come to a head. And the way Eddie handled it when the entire Below Deck crew found out about their fooling around — or rather, didn't handle it — wasn't really surprising either.

After Rocky finally revealed to Emile and Amy during last Tuesday night's episode that she had hooked up with Eddie, it was only a matter of time before the secret was completely out. However, I was shocked that Amy would be the one to open the floodgates. Not only is she friendly with both Eddie and Rocky, but Rocky trusted Amy with this information, and she's not usually one to cause drama. So I didn't really understand why she thought telling Eddie that Rocky had been saying the two hooked up was a good idea, unless her loyalty really did lie with Eddie, with whom she previously worked a charter season, or she was really jealous of Rocky since has admitted to having a crush on Eddie in the past.

Well, whatever the reason, the cat was out of the bag during Tuesday night's episode. Once it was, Eddie unsurprisingly tried to deny it to Emile and Amy because he didn't think there was any reason why anyone else needed to know about their secret rendezvous. He burst into Rocky's room in basically a rage, asking Rocky why she would tell people that they hooked up when they didn't, trying to make her seem like a liar.

That's exactly what Connie believed Rocky was doing because she thought Eddie couldn't stand her and the third stew has been known to exhibit some, shall we say, eccentric behavior this season. When Kate, Rocky's favorite person on Earth (and I'm being so sarcastic here, in case you couldn't tell), found out the news, she could not have cared less. Her interest in the matter was gone the second she realized this drama wasn't necessarily going to derail the last night on charter (more on this later).

Well, it did look like Eddie and Rocky's drama was, in fact, going to ruin the evening for everyone. However, Eddie and Rocky had a heart-to-heart during the crew's celebratory beach party where they each realized they were equally responsible for what transpired between them. Rocky apologized for the way she handled the situation, and Eddie was sorry for treating Rocky poorly.

Awwww, isn't that nice? The two embattled crewmembers kissed and made up. Well, figuratively speaking, of course since that's what got them into trouble in the first place. This, like, never, happens on reality TV.

Oh, wait. You mean to tell me there's still about 15 minutes left of this season finale? Oh, boy. Maybe this whole Eddie-Rocky hookup drama will indeed end as horribly as we all thought.

Images: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo; Giphy (2)